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family tree

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georjette jeanlouis

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of family tree

My culture
This is of Haiti's traditional soup. This Soup contain ingredient of butternut squash and beef stew meat with additions of numerous different spice and vegetables.

Haiti is known as the mountainous country in the Caribbean
Haiti became an independent country in November 29 1880.
This victory was led by Toussaint L'Ouverture, who is one of the greatest heroes in Haiti
On January 1 we celebrate the remembrance of our freedom from french.
These are well know Haitian appetizers that is serve in every single events, such as a traditional Haitian weddings, Gala, Church concert, and many more. They are called "Haitian patties." You can add what such as Chicken, fish, or beef.
In most Haitian events, or restaurant they would usually prepare your plate how it is in this picture. With Rice, Plantains, some salad, and a bunch of other sides.
Their is a lot of different kind of haitian music such as zouk, Kompa, and some carnival Music. these videos are three different style of music
My Grandparents
First Generation
My Grandfather is 81 years old, and has 5 brothers and 6 sister. He was born and raised in Jaceml Haiti and came here in the United States in 1998.

MY Grandma is 73 years old, she has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. She was born and raised in Port- Au- Prince Haiti. She came here before my grandpa in 1995.
Jean and his son
Lastly My Uncle Jean he have in the U.S in 1988
He is single man, and just recentaly had a son "Noah".
he live By himself in Rahway NJ near his older brother
My mom family
My mom came to the U.s in 1986 to live with her Husban in RI

she had my brother in 1988, the my older sister 1991, and lastly she had me and my twin in 1997
she is a widow her husband died when i was 3 years old.
My Grandparents came to live with us to help out my mom.
Saheem Family
My uncle Saheem Married a lovely woman who is now, my aunt "Colette Galette." in 2000
They had their first child in the early 2000 then their second one in 2006, then their last child in 2008.

Talamas family
My Uncle Talamas came to the U.S in 1989, he married a lovely woman Mona Galette in 1987

They both had their first child in 1989 then a set of twins in 1992, and his last child in 2000.

they all live in New York NY about an hour away from my house.
the Galette siblings
On the left to right is my Uncle Talamas Galette, he is the oldest out of his siblings

Then my mother she is the second oldest and the only female.

Next to my mom is my godfather, uncle Saheem Galette he is 3 years younger then my mother

The last one is their youngest brother Jean Galette they call him "baby boy" because he never gets in trouble by his parents.
Third Generation
in this generation there are 12 kids. Five adults and 6 kid altogether.
Older kids are my Big brother who 26 is moving up north. My Older sister who is 23 and work in Ross university, My older twin cousin they are both 22 living In NY.
then there is the smaller kids, and my Baby cousin who is two month old
since my
dance styles
What plays a huge role in Haitian Culture is there style of dance. One of the dances I've learn while growing up is Kompa. This style of dance is a quick tempo beats provided by guitars, saxophones and other Musical instruments. Kompa involves moving the pelvis, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, and feet.
My Family tree

Name: Georejette Jeanlouis
Class: English p.2
Date: 10/6/2014

Some of the main dishes listed below are what my family will eat on certain occasions.
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