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6 word memoir

No description

Timothy Bek

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of 6 word memoir

Ernest Hemmingway and his literary
pals challenged themselves to a contest... Who can write the best, shortest story. 6 Word Memoirs Ernest Hemmingway and his literary pals
challenged themselves to a contest... who could write the best, shortest story His answer has become legendary... For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Stephen Colbert - Well, I thought it was funny.

Comical declaration of life Some famous examples: Aimee Mann - Couldn't cope, so I wrote songs.

Artists explanation Mario Batali: Brought it to a boil, often.

Play on words: describs his life and occupation. Taylor Swift: My diary is read by everyone.

Describes how her life is on view to the world. 6 word memoirs by regular people: I still make coffee for two. Painful nerd kid, happy nerd adult. Joined army. Came out. Got booted. Cursed with cancer, blessed with friends.

Written by a 9 year old girl. Never really finished anything, except cake. Anne from Hell’s Kitchen shared her six-word memoir, “I found my mother’s suicide note.” She talked about how important it was for her to come to terms with her mother’s death, and the role of the note in that process. The note, she explained, was just six words: “No flowers, no funeral, no nothing.”
Wanted simple life; didn't get it.

Mr. Bek written by teens: I fulfilled my awkwardness quota today.

Late for school every single day.

According to Facebook, we broke up.
Found out I had cancer. Damn. 6 Tips 1 2 3 4 5 6 Be specific.
"Homecoming king with a septum ring" says more than just "punk but popular"; "We are banned from Wal-Mart forever"—not just "my family is embarrassing."
Be honest.
Many of the most interesting memoirs are so raw ("Hung myself. Sister found me. Alive") I'd personally be too chicken to put my name on them.
Forget the thesaurus:
Choose interesting words, but only ones that come naturally to you.

Use your speaking voice:
With "Got three sisters and two dads" and "Hair’s pink to piss you off" you can hear them saying it.

Experiment with structure.
Two three-word sentences. Three two-word sentences. One statement or six separate ones. Repetition can be powerful and punctuation is our friend: "Doubted parents teachers bosses self" - "70 years, few tears, hairy ears."
Stop trying so hard.
Or "Write carelessly; edit carefully." Throw a million ideas down and then decide. These aren't epic novels or Supreme Court decisions. Just start scribbling and see what catches your eye. Peoples' first instincts are usually the best.
The truth is: it's your memoir. Do what you want with it.
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