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Real: ICT and CLIL: Let’s engage our students with their own tools


Jorge mejia

on 19 September 2011

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Transcript of Real: ICT and CLIL: Let’s engage our students with their own tools

AND LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING let's engage our students with their own tools! Jorge A. Mejía L.
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Universidad de La Salle ICT Information and Communication Technologies “la escuela y el sistema educativo no solamente tienen que enseñar las nuevas tecnologías, no sólo tienen que seguir enseñando materias a través de las nuevas tecnologías, sino que estas nuevas tecnologías aparte de producir unos cambios en la escuela producen un cambio en el entorno y, como la escuela lo que pretende es preparar a la gente para este entorno, si éste cambia, la actividad de la escuela tiene que cambiar”.
(José Luis Orihuela, 2006) Are these tools familar to you? What tools can we use? HOW MANY OF THOSE TECHNOLOGIES DO YOU USE WITH
YOUR STUDENTS FOR TEACHING/LEARNING PURPOSES? WIKIS https://sheehy-english.wikispaces.com/ http://cepagernika.wikispaces.com/english http://www.wikilearning.com/curso_gratis/curso_de_ingles_de_calle-cuestiones_meteorologicas/5975-1 Dr. Bruce D. Perry (Baylor College of Medicine) states that "it is very likely that our students’ brains have physically changed and are different from ours as a result of how they grew up. But whether or not this is literally true, we can say with certainty that their thinking patterns have changed. Presky (2005) states that our students
"certainly don’t have short attention spans for their games, movies, music, or Internet surfing. More and more, they just don’t tolerate the old ways (...) So we have to find how to present our curricula in ways that engage our students" study, development, implementation,
storage and distribution of information
through the use of hardware or software All the means to storage,
process and broadcast
all kinds of information with different goals A website where users can create, modify, add and remove its content (text, images, video) to work on a collaborative way Any benefits? Kumar & Tammelin, 2008
Promotes autonomy
Allows easy access to realia
Fosters collaborative work
Provides teachers and students with oportunitites to personalize teaching/learning processes Lee, 2000
Increases learning motivation
Enhances student achievement
Encourages greater interaction between teachers and students and students and peers
helps to develop high thinking skills Wallis, 2004
Students increase self-esteem Waxman & Padron, 1995
Improves attendance, achievement and behavior Any challenges? Teaching-learning process becomes
student-centered (Cuban, 2001;
Semple, 2001; Lam and Lawrence, 2002) Knowledgable teachers are required
(Gonzalez, 2004) It demands greater and better
planning from the teacher ICT is very expensive - not all Institutions/students might get the same opportunities Can "suit" students learning syles
and pace Provides instant feedback Provides opportunities to create
new tasks Technical difficulties SESSION OBJECTIVES

To foster the use of ICT in CLIL

To reflect on why and how to use the ICT: Wikis AGENDA

Reflecting on the ICT we currently use
What are ICT?
Why to use ICT in CLIL?
What are wikis?
Didactics of wikis in CLIL
what are its benefits and challenges?
Let's create our onw wiki! Andrés Hernández
M.Ed. in Education
Universidad de La Salle WE CAN USE
A WIKI TO... Co-create a website with some other teachers with notes and resourses for students Write a story, a journal, a glosary or a report Classify relevant information, activities, online resourses among teachers, students or school administratives Carry out collaborative projects from students Design the school or English Department website where adminstratives, teachers and students can participate Carry out activities with students from other institutions or countries Document and organize field trips Be used as a students' notebook or portfolio Develop inquiry-based projects such as webquests or treasure-hunts Design a digital magazine
or newspaper with multimedia Create data-bases on different topics Perfect "scenario" to work on
language and contect (CLIL) DIDACTICS OF ICT
(WIKIS) IN CLIL 1. Planning 2. Presentation 3. Training 4. Production 5. Assessment 6. Feedback ARE YOU READY TO CREATE
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