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American Industrial Revolution

A chronological description of important events and changes in America during the period known as the Industrial Revolution.

Ann Cary

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of American Industrial Revolution

The American Industrial Revolution Technology Society tells a story about relationships between... rural urban women at home women in the workplace rural jobs factory jobs child labor and 1790 First cotton spinning mill
opens in America (Pawtucket, RI). 1775 America enters the steam age. 1793 Eli Whitney patents cotton gin. 1799 Eli Whitney invents the American system of manufacture - semi-skilled workers using patterns, templates and jigs to produce identical, interchangerable parts.
1807 Robert Fulton's steamboat makes maiden voyage. 1825 Erie canal opens. 1831 First US steam locomotive built. 1835 Revolver and telegraph invented. 1852 Steel making process invented. 1869 Transcontinental railroad completed. 1876 Bell patents telephone. THINK brought about changes that AFFECTED society: Urbanization: crowded, unhealthy living conditions Labor: large demand for unskilled workers
(education not a priority) large demand for child labor low wages, long hours, dangerous working conditions rapid spread of disease Economics: increased gap between rich and poor All of these changes in technology this relationship AFFECTS US (society) T O D A Y ABOUT HOW
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