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Self introduction---Lai Yen Ho

This is used in a self introduction presentation. The time limit will be 3 minutes.

Michael Lai

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Self introduction---Lai Yen Ho

3W Yen-Ho Lai Yen-Ho Lai Thank you, TISE!
for giving me this wonderful opportunity
to learn in these 6 days~ This is me~ SPORTS energentic! curious
?????? ask questions
try out new things my pleasure to meet you all:) National Yang Ming University
2 grade medical student 5 8 Who am I ? why am I here ? What can I do ? 3W 8 examples Be the change you want to see in the world
by Mahatma Ghandi who am I ? Why am I here ? Kaohsiung CO emission per year per citizen
34 tons
World Number 1 2 ASEP
Asian Student Exchange Program Young diplamat 5284 public transportation sysyem promotion teamwork
environmental issues volunteering work Weak Bonds But why ? we planet Earth 3W What can I do ? Rebuild the bonds it doesn't matter somebody else would do it I have other things to handle excuses forget huh? I live on the planet?
I thought...it was Mars... Main goal a better-looking one XD nicely put~ I like it! and even the chance to go to MEXICO! learn more
build up the bonds myself first
share the experience
You guys are the best! thank you very much
hope you enjoy it! outline
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