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Putting 2.0 and Two Together

A few points to think about in regards to Chris Gerben's text

Sarah R

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Putting 2.0 and Two Together

A few points on Chris Gerben's
"Putting 2.0 and Two Together"
Museum-in-Progress "Real-time archiving of what we think we know
and what we think we're going to do about it" (Gerben 1). Gerben investigates Facebook Erm... why? because we "live" in the space of Facebook Wouldn't Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube be more of an educational tool? The Wall On Facebook, the Wall is a fluid community "Facebook's Wall function is a further embodiment of new waves of technology in that it provides compositionists lessons on three distinct intersections of collaborative textual production online and in the classroom" (Gerben 3). WHO is the text addressing? HOW is a text collaboratively authored? WHERE is a text produced? "Text they enter on each other's Walls is in some sense owned in their eyes, and so should not be admissable in any judgement against them" (Gerben 20). According to International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE): "students should be able to use technology to collaborate before they can even compose academic texts" Tufts accepts one-minute videos as part of their application Hater? Those Smart Kids "Far from the calls of the death of authors, Web 2.0 has made them more accessible than ever" (Gerben 13). Versioning, according to Gerben... an infinite work-in-progress as new voices join a conversation, the direction and outcome of the conversation itself changes on walls, comment sections, and wikis, individual entries are both individual finished texts and evidence of an evolving text conflicts of perception "Collaborative creativity, influences, remix, sampling, reshaping and mesh diffuse publications of intellectual products, from ideas and concepts, to arts and researchers; these are the characters that have diminished the character of originality..." (Sterling).
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