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Dr. Franklin's Island

No description

ashley lyalls

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Dr. Franklin's Island

By: Ashley Lyalls Summary Summary (Cont.) Summary (Cont.) Summary (Cont.) semi, Miranda, and Arnie are young conservationists who won a television contest.
The plane they are on gets hijacked and crashes into the ocean and explodes making them the only survivors.
They become stranded. Arnie disappears and while they are searching, they stumble upon a complex, where they are taken prisoner.
Dr. Franklin runs the complex; he is a genetic engineer.
He is doing research in hopes to find a way to transform humans into animals.
Semi and Miranda find themselves as the next test subjects.
A man named Dr. Skinner tries to help them escape, but they get caught.
Dr. Franklin proceeds with the transformations, turning Semi into a manta-ray and Miranda into a bird.
Arnie comes back and reveals he has been spying on them through their radio chips that were planted in them.
He also tells them that they can't leave and that there is another half of the treatment which results in them being turned back into full humans.
Semi finds a tube of a greenish powder in her pool that Miranda explains is probably her DNA that has been dried; she puts it the water and Semi ingests it. Summary (Cont.) Dr. Franklin's Island by Ann Halam Semi turns back into a regular human.
She finds a snake which is discovered to be Arnie; they escape..or try to.
They get captured and return to see Miranda in a net.
They push Dr. Franklin into the electric fence, killing him.
They leave for good and Semi gives Miranda and Arnie the antidote to become human once again.
They arrive in Ecuador and tell a cover story.
Vocabulary -Hypodermics- the layer beneath the epidermis.
-Ampoule- a sealed glass container that holds a solution for a hypodermic injection.
-Vivisection- an operation on a live animal for physiological or pathological purposes.
-Dextrous- mentally clever and skillful.
-Transgenics- used to produce an organism or cell of one species into which one or more genes of another species have been incorporated.
-Talon-the claw of an animal and especially of a bird of prey; a finger or hand of a human.
-Gracile- fragile (book definition)
Biology In The Book DNA
Drying of DNA What I Learned... Biology wise, I learned more about DNA infusions and transgenics on a more understandable level with examples. I also learned more about team work and friendship. It also taught handy survival skills. Character Analysis Semi- shy, smart
Miranda- smart, outgoing, leader, witty
Arnie- stubborn, whiny, smart
Dr. Franklin- genius, evil, twisted, proud
Dr. Skinner- weak-minded, smart, sort of caring The Telepathy A British scientist volunteered to have a half-inch microprocessor chip placed on his upper left arm. Then a sensor collar clamped onto a nerve. The purpose was that his movements and feelings would trigger electric signals that the chip stores the information into a computer that can be played back. Sources http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8ToLNmEkttU/Tlcg7IV1EkI/AAAAAAAADQA/ufsloaRfPQw/s1600/chip.jpg



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