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Making an Online Tier 4 Application

No description


on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of Making an Online Tier 4 Application

Your CAS will state how your English Language proficiency has been assessed and you should choose the appropriate option from the drop down list. It may be that more than one scenario applies to you but you must select the option that is reflected in your CAS.
International Students' Advisory Service Version 2018
Making an Online Tier 4 Application
Please switch off your mobile phones

Please do not talk during the presentation

Please refrain from asking any questions during the presentation
A Few Rules....
You need to complete and pay for the Tier 4 application, pay the Immigration Health Surcharge submit them to the UKVI

You will need to choose whether you wish to post your application or attend a Premium Service Center appointment in person.

You will need to pay for your application by credit/debit card online.

You will then need to post your supporting documents to the UKVI or attend a Premium Service appointment depending on the Service chosen.

Standard Service:
The UKVI will write to you, giving you a reference number, telling you to go to a post office and register your biometrics. This is normally within 4 weeks of your application being submitted. The UKVI will then consider your application.

Premium Service appointment:
The UKVI will make a decision on the day and then then post your new BRP visa to your home address.
Online Application Process
Tier 4 Sponsor License Number
There are a number of benefits attached to the Application Service:

The application form is shorter, asking only questions relevant to each application.

The questions are more logically ordered to accelerate the application process.

One email address can be used to create and submit applications on behalf of multiple customers and to receive notification of multiple payments.

The Service redirects to, and shares information with, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) portal. Customers using the Online Application Service no longer need to obtain an IHS reference separately from the IHS portal.

A partially completed PDF of the application form can be downloaded at any point in the application process, for example if the information needs to be checked with the applicant.

The Online Service is optimised for performance on all computers, mobile and tablet devices.

The Online Application Service
Check that your CAS details are correct before beginning your visa application
You will be asked if you are currently in the UK. If you select that you are not in the UK, then you will be redirected to the Visa4UK service.

Key features

do not
need to create an account. All you need to do is enter an email address and password.

Once you have entered your email address and password, you will receive an email with a
hyperlink to your online application. This hyperlink allows you to save the form and come back to complete it at a later date, as required.

If you have a Legal Representative, then this screen would ask for their email address and password.

The next stage of the online application process is to submit the following information:

Your name
Contact details
Gender & relationship status
Nationality, date & country of birth
Passport details
Key features
There is a shortcut menu in the top right hand corner
which will show your name (this is useful if you have a Legal Representative).

You will have the ability to return to your application later, and to download the PDF of your partially completed application form up to this point in the application

The next stage of the online application process is to submit the following information:

Current UK immigration status
Current residence permit or visa
Most recent grant of leave
Your Biometric Residence Permit
Your National Insurance Number

Next you will be asked to answer questions about the following:

Criminal or civil offences
War crimes
Terrorist activities
Terrorist organisations
Terrorist views

You must answer all these questions honestly. We will not go through each section separately now.

Failure to disclose any such information may result in your visa application being refused if the Home Office have reason to believe you have used deception.
Key features
Check your answers: shows you a summary of all your questions and answers provided so far. Any question can be edited at any point until being redirected to
the IHS portal at the end of the online application.

Only relevant questions are shown. Questions are asked depending on the answers to the previous question. If a question is not applicable, it is not asked and will not be shown in the PDF application form.
Once you have completed information for all parties, the next stage of the online application process is to provide information to demonstrate that you/your dependants meet the maintenance requirement.
Next you will come to the mandatory documents screen. This gives you a list of documents that you must provide as part of your application.

The list of documents will vary, based on the answers you have provided.

You will be asked to complete the declaration screen.

Please note that ISAS are NOT your legal representatives
Please check your answers on the next page. You will then be sent an email with a link to your application which you can use to go back to your application
If you answer yes to this question, you will be asked to provide further information
Enter the lead applicant's contact details
If you answer no... you will need to complete the next page to provide more information...
If you answer no to this question, you will be provided a warning
Please answer YES if this applies to you

You will then be asked if you were required to register with the Police for your current or last grant of leave
You must enter a number between £1 and £1,265. Even if you have paid more, only £1,265 can be deducted from the total living costs you must show you have.
You can change any of the answers by clicking on the links on the right hand side
If you wish to add another Financial Document, it will ask you for more details on the following screen .e.g. Second Bank Account.
Your answers will be locked when you go to the IHS website, even if you do not pay your IHS straight away. If you need to make any changes to your answers you must do it before you proceed to the IHS - please ensure that you are happy with all your answers.

The IHS payment function is integrated with the Tier 4 online application form for improved user experience.

Students who are exempt from this surcharge may still need to submit the form and obtain an IHS reference number. Please check the Home Office guidance.

Students are advised to ensure that in addition to the having sufficient money available to cover the visa application fee, they will also have access to a credit or debit card which can be used to pay the health charge online. There is no requirement to hold the health fee for 28 days or to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover the health fee in the visa application. However, students using the same account to pay the visa application fee and health charge as they are using to evidence maintenance should ensure that there is enough money available to cover everything.
If you leave the Application form, you will be sent an email link to return exactly to the point which you left. You must return to your application within 10 weeks, or it will be deleted to protect your privacy.
The following slides will guide you through the online Application Process
Select your title from the drop down list and enter your full name as shown in your passport
Please enter the details on this screen as shown on your passport
You must provide all previous passports that have been used to travel to the UK, even those which have expired.
The BRP number is found on the front of the card, in the top right hand corner
The term 'Public Funds' includes: Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Disability Living Allowance,(from 6 April 2016) discretionary support payments by local authorities or devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland which replace the discretionary social fund, Housing or Homelessness Assistance, Housing Benefit, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income related employment & support allowance – ESA (IR), Income Support, Personal Independence Payment, Severe Disablement Allowance, Social Fund Payment, State Pension Credit, Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit
Copy and paste the sponsor licence number from you CAS email at this point

A CAS may only be used once - do not attempt to re-use an old CAS number as this will lead to your visa application being refused.
The RQF level of your course is shown on your CAS, just simply select the option with that RQF - it may still be seen as NQF.
The online application form is also used to apply for leave under the Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES). Answer this question 'No' if you are not applying for DES.
Copy and paste the course title from your CAS email.
The start and dates of your course study are stated in your CAS. Please make sure that you read your CAS statement carefully and enter these dates correctly as it will determine the length of your visa
If you are applying while you still have a valid visa, you should select 'Yes'. If you hold another visa type, please specify.
If you have already paid some money to your Tier 4 sponsor for accommodation before making this application, this amount will be deducted from the total amount of money you will need for maintenance. Only money paid to the Tier 4 sponsor for accommodation will be taken into account.
If your course is subject to ATAS clearance, it will be stated on your CAS. New students joining courses where ATAS is required must obtain clearance before their offer of study is made unconditional and should enter the number on this form. ATAS Certificates are only valid for 6 months so please check whether you need to apply for a new ATAS before making your application.
If you have any further queries after the workshop, you can log a query online: www.studenthelp.bham.ac.uk
Any questions
The first page gives a breakdown of how to apply.
Key features
Save and continue: There are only one or two questions per page. Answers are saved as soon as you press ‘Save and continue’.
Please enter your email and a password. Please then verify that it is your email on the next page
There is a breadcrumb trail at the top of each screen for easy navigation.
Please enter the details exactly as shown on your visa/BRP
If you answer YES to any of the previous questions, you will asked further to provide further information. Example:
If you do not have a CAS or if you do not submit one, your application is likely to be refused.
The next stage of the online application process is to submit the following information about your intended course:

Sponsor licence number & address
Primary site of study
UCAS details
ATAS details
Financial sponsor information
Course information
Doctorate extension scheme
Course fees
CAS Details
Accommodation payments

University of Birmingham
West Midlands
B15 2TT
ATAS Requirement
Financial Sponsor
Doctorate Extension Scheme
This Scheme is only available to current PHD students with valid Tier 4 leave, in the UK.
Course Fees Information
Accommodation Payments
Check your Answers
Enter financial evidence details. Please note this does not refer to your financial sponsor
You will be asked to check if you are from a low risk country. If you are, this means that you only need to submit only certain documents
• To apply for your Tier 4 Extension, go directly to the Application using the following link. If you are applying for your Dependant at the same time as you and they are allowed to extend in the UK, you must use this link.


The application form will ask if you want to add a dependant partner or child to the application.

• If your dependant partner is applying later than you

• If your dependant child is applying later than you

Your dependants should make their application to the Home Office before their current immigration permission expires.

At this point, you will be asked if you wish to add another party
If you say yes, you will asked to provide the same details about your Dependant
You also have the option to add a further email address
You must answer the following question honestly.
If you answer yes to this question, you will not be asked about the English Language requirement on the next page
If you are not using money that is saved in a bank account, please answer no to both questions
Maintenance funds
You will then be asked to check your answers. You can still go back and make amendments if you require.
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