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Patrícia Estima

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Meaning of Gestures Deep Culture (90%) For us: Cultural Differences Food Dressing Habits Sports Superstitions Festivals and Celebrations Surface Culture (10%) Attitude
Core Values Behaviors
Practices The Cultural Iceberg
Meaning of Gestures
Dressing Habits
Typical Music
Festivals and Celebrations Summary For us: New year's superstitions: DRESSING HABITS Different clothes used by people who live in Brazil, India and Iran, when they go to the beach. Brazil India Iran DRESSING HABITS Different uniforms used by women who are football players, from Brazil, Portugal and Iran. DRESSING HABITS Formal dresses from India, Iran, UK and USA. Brazil Portugal Iran India Iran UK USA DRESSING HABITS Different types of wedding clothes from China, India and Portugal. China India Portugal SPORTS Main sports from: SPORTS Main sports from: SPORTS Main sports from: Brazil Canada USA SPORTS Main sports from: Main sports from: SPORTS Main sports from: SPORTS Greece SPORTS England Portugal Main sports from: China SPORTS Main sports from: Iran TOP Sports Different food Snakes: Different food Snails: China France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and so on Different food Escamoles are the eggs of the giant black Liometopum ant: Mexico Different food Festivals and Celebrations Christmas Different cultures make the world more beautiful and interesting... When you Travel…

Make friends;

Learn their Culture;

Accept the differences. Festivals and Celebrations Easter Festivals and Celebrations Spring festival (China new year) Festivals and Celebrations Carnival (Brazil) Festivals and Celebrations Holi (India) Festivals and Celebrations Songkran (Tailand) Meaning of Gestures Meaning of Gestures For us: Meaning of Gestures Superstitions Canada Superstitions New year's superstitions: Peru Superstitions New year's superstitions: Venezuela A person who wants to get a career advancement, climbs stairs after midnight. Superstitions New year's superstitions: Spain They eat 12 grapes. One every beat of midnight. To bring luck for the new year. On the 1st of January,Canadians plunge in the icy waters of the country, to pay their promises They take an empty luggage and walk around the block carrying it. They do that to make many trips in the future. Russia, Brazil, Turkey: Calling someone homosexual. Something is Ok, Great. Stop. Come Here. Greece: Go straight to hell. Philippines: Gesture used only with dogs, punished with jail time. Typical Music Typical Music Brazil: Samba Portugal: Fado Cuba: Cuban Salsa Typical Music China: Taoist music Hindustani music India: Typical Music USA: Rap Music Mexico: Zarahuato An Iceberg ?
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