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Innovative ad Effective Teaching strategies

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on 29 April 2017

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Transcript of Innovative ad Effective Teaching strategies

Programs = Resources
A lot of times, the majority of time in the classroom struggling readers spend is on the activities about reading, rather than actually reading. Teachers and administrators need to keep in mind that reading programs are merely a resource, while the focus should be on reading. That being said, administrators should not force teachers to explicitly follow a scripted program.
Each Child is an individual and should be taught as such.
Another problem with invasive reading programs is that they are not individualized and have no room for modifications. The reading programs that are the complete and only reading curriculum being taught are the reading programs that are the least helpful to teachers and students. These programs deprive students of what they need. Standardized instruction cannot appropriately challenge and meet the needs of each student.
Advantages of Reading Programs
We teachers should stay active rather than passive
Although staying up to date with relevant research is important, we must also keep an active presence in the decisions on what and how we teach reading. We must do research on the reading programs we are expected to use and raise questions when we see fit. We are advocates for our students, in every aspect; especially when it comes to what works for our students and what doesn't.
National Reading Panel Report
This is a reliable source of research for teachers to stay updated on. Federal reading policies, practices, and funding have been determined from this report and is highly influential on the reading instruction in the U.S. This is especially true for the elementary ages; when students are learning skills in comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, an phonics. These are the subjects that are brought up most in this report.
Best Practices in Teaching Reading
Teachers should care about their students and be knowledgeable about the relevant research that proves what works and what doesn't.
Include in the classroom library, books that play into the student's interests.
engage readers by incorporating their interests in the content.
Phonics is an important concept to introduce at an early age.
Chapter 11
When a new program is introduced...
look carefully at the research (was the research done by the program developers or an objective perspective)
Ask the administrators questions about the reasoning for choosing that particular program - any vague answers involving the words "research- based" should raise some red flags.
Harder questions should be asked when it comes to computerized reading- incentive programs.
Assess the reading program for yourself and ask the questions that come to mind during use.
In conclusion...
Remember that we, the level- headed professionals, are advocates for our students. Therefore, we should advocate for the rights of our students. Our students deserve a fair chance at learning and should not have to deal with a reading program that inhibit their learning. We, as professionals, will take responsibility for what we believe is best for our students.
Although the disadvantages of using falsely acclaimed and under researched reading programs are plenty, there are many advantages of using reading programs that are appropriately researched. Such as they:
Provide a framework
Allows for easy management
Provides all materials
includes activities
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