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Promoting physical activity in overweight children

Evening lecture, LJMU 20th September 2012

Paula Watson

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Promoting physical activity in overweight children

Stankov et al., 2012
Sedentary behaviour
If moving's so great, why don't children do it?
Physical activity
Children should be physically active for at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours per day
Te Velde et al. (2012) - lack of PA in pre-school children most strongly related factor to development of overweight
Children should minimise the amount of time spent sitting for long periods
Sedentary behaviour is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease
High energy-dense, low fibre, high fat diets associated with increased fatness in children
A healthy balanced diet is recommended
Energy imbalance
heart disease
£45.5 billion by 2050
obese adult
continence issues
breathing difficulties
reduced mobility
fatty liver
pre-diabetes symptoms
raised blood pressure
daily stigma
low self-esteem
poor quality of life
1 in 3 children in England overweight or obese
"increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat"
What causes children to become obese?
Our children in Liverpool don't move enough...
Over past 15 years fatness increased and fitness decreased
Overweight children less fit
Less fit children higher cardiometabolic risk
(Stratton et al. 2007)

Pre-schoolers not active enough, especially at weekends
(O'Dwyer et al. 2011)
It is healthier to be fat but fit than slim but unfit
barriers to activity
REsearch from Steven Blair and colleagues shows low fitness is more hazardous than smoking, diabetes & obesity put together
Then the world tries to stop us...
not moving enough

Poor body image
Low self-efficacy
Physical discomfort
Persistent failure
Fear of judgement
Inappropriate teaching practices
Lack of privacy
School rules
Why is this child sitting out?

Lack of support (peers, family)
Stankov et al., 2012
How can we help overweight children become more active?

Supporting families with overweight children to make small, sustainable changes to their physical activity and diet

Group sessions on diet (Fun Foods), physical activity (Move It) and behaviour change (Target Time)

Watson et al. 2011; Watson et al. 2012
Behaviour change techniques
role modelling
social comparison
increased self-efficacy
increased physical activity
goal setting
successful experiences
“people from GOALS don’t care if you’re overweight obese tall thin small midgy anything”
"if you said “right I’m gonna cut out this, I’m gonna go and exercise, I’m gonna do that”…if you do it for three days you’d fall flat on your face but with this it creeps on each week and before you know it you’re doing four different things "
"I feel more confident in joining in stuff in school…I never wanted to do sport play football but now I’ve been playing every afternoon I’ve been more confident in stepping up my game and asking people if I can play with them"
"I think it was the second week when [my son] said "the first time I'd ever been with other children who have not said anything nasty about or laughed at me or said anything nasty about my weight" and you know I think he felt safe and good...everybody's in the same boat...you're all here to help each other"
"she loves coming to the sessions, especially to the Move It because you're involved aswell"
"and I've got to say all these young people around us and it's great because they're so bubbly and they're always smiling, you don't get anyone who's grumpy and it does give you that boost I think"
"now she goes to gym, she goes to dance, she goes ice-skating...but back then she never done nothing...because she never had the confidence to go and do it"
There's a two-way relationship between obesity and physical inactivity
After all...we were born to move!
Overweight children enjoy physical activity as much as any others
Thank you for listening
In summary...
Dr Paula Watson
Lecturer in Exercise & Health Psychology, LJMU
Promoting physical activity to overweight children
"I often tell people that I was short, fat and bald when I started running, but that after running nearly every day for more than 30 years and covering about 70,000 miles...I am still short, fat, and bald."
We were born to move...
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