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AP Human Geography: Sikhism

No description

Hannah Sherlock

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of AP Human Geography: Sikhism

Sikhism ORIGIN Hearth: Present day Pakistan Started in about 1508 A.D. Founder: Guru Nanak Deity "A god or goddess" Sikhs believe in a single, formless God who can be known through meditation. Their God has 99 names; some of them are:
Only he can be worshiped, he is beyond time, et cetera. Symbols The Khanda Holy Books Sri Guru Granth Sahib Dasam Granth Teachings/Beliefs All men and women are equal no matter
the race, age, religion, et cetera Primary task in life is to help the poor, needy, and oppressed Superstitions, idol worship, fasting, and pilgrimages are rejected Salvation can only be attained through meditation Shoulds Be moral and righteous Avoid drugs and alcohol Don't cut your hair Strive to be one with God Men are required to wear a turban; women are to wear a headscarf Similarities with other religions Like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Sikhs believe in one God Sikhs believe in keeping their body pure (abstaining from drugs) like Muslims Sikhs have a similar dress code to Muslims Differences with other religions Unlike Christianity, Sikhs believe in salvation through meditation Unlike Islamics, Sikhs are not required to fast
or join in a pilgrimage Patterns of diffusion Hierarchical diffusion Has spread to numerous places including North America, China, and Australia Sects and adherents There are currently no sects There are, however, such things as Muslim Sikhists - maybe a Hindu Sikhist. You don't have to give up your first religion! THE END Rachel Price and Hannah Sherlock :D Cultural Landscape Worship Gurdwara Dress Women wear headscarves
Men wear Turbans
Men grow beards Holy place Nankana Sahib: located in the Punjab province of India Today, there are about 23 million Sikhists worldwide Guru Nanak began the trend of Sikhist missionary work by travelling around the known world teaching about Sikhism <- Indian Sikhists!
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