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Sustainability &

No description

Jason Pittman

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Sustainability &

Stakeholders & Sustainability
Stakeholders &

Jason Pittman
Kelly Sumi Park
Luke Richard
"The groups and individuals who can affect or are affected by the achievement of the organization's goals."
Ethyl Corp.

Managing Stakeholders
Stakeholders are seen primarily as threats

Method used to mitigate risk

Re-branding after unfavourable incident
Samsung's Response to Global Issues
The Starbucks Approach
Ethical Sourcing
Environmental Impact
Community Improvement
Managing for Stakeholders
Highly integrated value chain

Create value for stakeholders

If relationships are fruitful, value will be created for the organization
Ten Tree
Manufacturing efforts
Tree registration
Managing for Sustainability
Stakeholders are all humans and non-human species

Planning for the needs of the future

Range of value opportunities expands greatly
Sustainability Strategy
Relentless focus on safety

Rigorous Management of risk

Maintain the trust of the people

Become a simpler business

"By supplying energy, we support economic development and help to improve quality of life for millions of people."

Sustainability Strategy
Helping customers, communities, and people to prosper and grow
Anticipate and shape the most pressing emerging societal issues
3 priority issues for action
• Responding to the big shifts of demographic and cultural change

• Creating economic solutions to environmental challenges

• Helping customers achieve sustainable financial futures in a changed landscape
• Develop energy-efficient products
• Create healthy society
Ten Tree Approach
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