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Public Works Administration

No description

Reilly Sharp

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Public Works Administration

Public Works
Administration By: Reilly Sharp Who started the Public Works Administration? When was the Public Works Administration started? Who was the Leader of the Public Works Administration? What did the Public Works Administration do? Was the Public Works Administration successful? Was the Public Works Administration a Relief, Recovery, or a Reform. Does the Public Works Administration still exist? The Public Works Administration act was started in June 1933. Harold L. Ickes was the leader of the Public Works Administration Act. Ickes served as a Secretary of Interior for 13 years. Public works Administration was a Relief.
No the Public Works Adminisrtation does not still exist today. It was closed down in 1939 because it was not needed anymore. The Public works Administration was started by the National Industrial Recovery Act. The Public Work Administration was a large-scale construction agency in the United States. It built Large- Scale construction works. The PWA built dams, bridges, hospitals, and schools. Yes, the PWA was successful. It created more jobs for the unemployed. The Public Works programs paid much better waged than the relief Programs did, were freer to hire a broader of skilled workers, and were required to hire only a portion of people from the relief rolls.
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