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Sectors of the Economy

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary

Chris Kapuscik

on 1 November 2018

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Transcript of Sectors of the Economy

1) Primary
2) Secondary
3) Tertiary
4) Quaternary

Sectors of the Economy
Manufacturing or processing raw materials into something new or a finished product

Examples: Manufacturing steel, Wood into Lumber, cloth into textiles/clothes

Secondary Countries = Countries become more developed
Providing a service to people and businesses
Workers distribute products/services to the economy

Examples: Car dealerships, Bus driver, Doctor/Nurse, Fireman, Police Officer, Hotels

Tertiary Countries = These countries are Developed (United States, Japan)
The information sector
Workers process and research

Examples: Education!!!, Schools, Colleges, Design Engineers, Computer Programmers

Quaternary Countries = Highly developed (Wealthy nations) U.S. is mixture of Quaternary and Tertiary
Using natural resources or harvesting goods directly from the land

Examples: Wheat Farming, Mining, Fishing, Forestry

Primary level economy = Developing Country (Many countries in Africa and Asia)
Gold Mining in Africa
Wheat Farming
Trees -> Lumber
Textile -> Clothes
Canned Primary Goods (Tuna...mmm)
Corner Stores
Architecture Designer
Computer Programmer
How paper is made
Transportation Services
Medical Services
Law Enforcement Service
Demographic Transition Model
Where do countries involved in these sectors fall in the demographic transition model???
Predict, what is the next step?
Make a list of products you buy that has corn in it?
What is some key decisions you have to think about when starting any industry/company?
Quinary - branch of a country's economy where high-level decisions are made by top-level executives in the government, industry, business, or education.

* Doesn't necessarily deal with money.
Entrance Ticket:
Explain how a country where 55% of the people work in agriculture and a country where 8% of the people work in agriculture would look like in terms of demographics and overall development.
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