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Against Zoo's

No description

Amila Peiris

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Against Zoo's

Against Zoo's by Dale Jamieson.
infant mortality rate
lack of genetic diversity
created unwanted animals Captivity does more harm
False sense of place in nature Scientific Research Preserve Species His final remarks... Against zoo's. Three ways zoo's support research:
fund research
Employ other scientists as zoo members
make inaccessible animals available So.... 30 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Power.
"A zoo is a public park which displays animals, primarily for the purposes of recreation and education. " A moral presumption of keeping animals in captivity "...to overcome this presumption, we must have important benefits that can only be obtained in this way." (by keeping animals in zoos) Four Arguments i) Amusement
ii) For Education purposes
iii) Research
iv) To preserve species Amusement. Education. Is is even successful? Very few do. Two types of research:
11)Anatomy and pathology A high price to pay. Questions Examine four reasons for zoos. Can you improve on them? Examine Jamiesons reasons for rejecting them as insuffient to justify zoos. Do you agree with him? Are zoos immoral?

Can Jamieson arguments against zoos be applied to owning pets? Why or why not?

How could Jamieson (or you) respond to the objection that since we have duties toward animal welfare, we ought to protect weaker animals from their predators, so that zoo could help play a role in promoting their welfare? And just as we want to eliminate gratuitous violence by humans, should we not work to eliminate it in animals - perhaps developing meat substitutes for them, as well as human carnivores?
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