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Online Course Development

Presentation by Everett School District's OnlineHS.net's Kevin Corbett to participants in four state-wide Educational Service District's (Renton, Bremerton, Spokane, & Wenatchee) Online Course Development Workshops. email: kcorbett@everettsd.org

Kevin Corbett

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Online Course Development

SPRING 2003 History of OnlineHS.net Program Development Course Development 10 20 40 Demo Nuts & Bolts 5 20 SPRING 2003
4 Class.com courses
1 teacher
Consortium members
8 students
Fee based ($50)
Credit recovery only
Developing 1st classes: Washington State History, Freshman English, Culminating Exhibition to be offered in first online summer school History Spring 2003:
4 Class.com Courses
1 teacher
8 students
Credit Recovery only
$50 tuition FALL 2003
8 Class.com courses
3 Everett-made classes
3 teachers
District hosted Bb CMS
22 students
Any student; Targeting Seniors who needed credits to graduate
Selling Courses to Consortium
Developing: Soph. English, Lifetime Fitness, Health, & Government. SPRING 2004
8 Class.com courses
8 Everett-made classes
3 teachers
Targeting Seniors who needed credits to graduate
Selling Courses to Consortium
Developing: US History FALL 2004
6 Class.com courses
10 Everett-made classes
5 teachers: DISTRIBUTED teaching staff- 1 per/day at 3 HS's
District hosted Bb CMS
87 students
Any student; Targeting Seniors who needed credits to graduate
Selling Courses to Consortium SPRING 2005
6 Class.com courses
10 Everett-made classes
5 teachers: DISTRIBUTED teaching staff- 3 periods per day at 3 HS's
311 students registered
Selling Courses to Consortium FALL 2005
6 Class.com courses
10 Everett-made classes
174 students registered
Selling seats in classes to other school districts--using THEIR teachers--who wanted to start their own online programs.
State-mandated Graduation Requirement to ALL district Seniors (~1200)
District-mandated Graduation Requirement to ALL district Juniors (~1200) SPRING 2004 FALL 2004 SPRING 2005 FALL 2005 Spring '10
#568 Significant Years 01 02 04 05 Consortium (14 districts)
Lots of class options
Group buying power = low "per seat" co$t Course Development
Washington State History
No national vendor
District Standards Research Cooperative
APEX Learning
Didn't work with our students (poor passing rate)
Expensive; Required co$tly text
Too many course assignments
Fantastic people
Distributed Staff (1 @ each HS) Modifiable
Centrally distributed content
'instant' updates
updated 06 Centralized Staff @ Alt. HS
Jump Start OTHER Programs*
Peninsula School District
Central Kitsap SD
Competition for the "online student" (former) Superintendent Carol Whitehead Take care of *Everett* Students chronology, data, significant years Enrollments 2004-present-
4449 OnlineHS Students
3285 Senior graduates
~2500 other district students
18 Teachers
24 courses and growing!
Enrollment growing quickly
Passing rate increasing too Why start an online program? Brian Sharpe
Dir. Virtual School Marketing
Andrew Lippert
VP Engineering
Jack Baboni
Director of Instruction What we do now 3 Types of students:
During their school day (free)
In-addition to 6-per day ($200)
Full time

Centralized Staff (7) located at Alt. HS
Sally Lancaster - Administrator

Year-round (Fall, Spring, Summer) Developing An Online Program Philosophy
Mission Systems
Maintenance Processes
Records Technical
Delivery (C/LMS)
Support* Teachers
Evaluate COURSE DEV. Compliance
iNacol Measurables
Passing Rate
On-time Grad.
Credit Rec. Population
Ebb & Flow Questions to participants reflecting on their own district need. What kind of experience do you want your students to have? Rich & Rigorous
Instructional Design?
Linear, Constructivist, Simulation*
Pedagogy: Strategies for instruction What are the Standards? Essential Academic Learnings
Grade Level Expectations
Content Standards
Performance Expectations
Where do you get content?
What do you have permission to use?
Who owns it? Is content available for your course? What are the components of an online class? Content
Graphics, Images, Video
Charts, Graphs
Interactivity: Discussion, Collaboration
21st Century Skills How will students demonstrate understanding? Formative
Auto-scored vs. Manual
Proctor? How? Who? Where? Curriculum Specialists
Online=Explicit Does the course need to be approved? How, who, when will the course be reviewed? Readability
Updates How are costs calculated in course development? What others tell us... Class.com = $275,000
10-20 people; 2 years
APEX = $500,000
UCCP = $1,000,000 What is the final output? How will the course be delivered?
Does the course need to be portable?
Is the course CMS/LMS dependent? Course Development Questions Everett Public Schools OnlineHS.net
Course Demo Other Alternatives OSPI's
Digital Learning Dept. Thank you!
Digital Learning Dept.
Judy, Leslie, & Maile
ESD's Prezi by
Kevin Corbett
KCorbett@EverettSD.org http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/ US History course video trailer from Florida Virtual High School http://www.flvs.net FALL 2003 SPRING 2003 Putting the Pieces Together- Online Course Development by Kevin Corbett
Everett SD's OnlineHS.net www.P21.org
Full transcript