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Research Paper Rules and Tips

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john meehan

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Research Paper Rules and Tips

EVERY PARAGRAPH should include (at least) one citation from the PRIMARY source.
EVERY PARAGRAPH should include (at least) one citation from a SECONDARY source.
EVERY PARAGRAPH should include YOUR analysis to provide context and link #1 and #2. This is what distinguishes a research paper from a book report.
NEVER start or end a paragraph with someone else's quote.
NEVER use two direct quotes back to back. "Like this" (citation). "And this" (citation).
Use BLOCK QUOTE FORMATTING for citations over 3 full lines in length only.
Use BLOCK QUOTES sparingly - and keep them as short as possible.
Proper citation style = "quote" (Author Last Name 51). THAT'S IT.
EVERY SOURCE on your Works Cited Page should also be cited in your paper itself.
BASIC FORMATTING ERRORS will destroy your grade and give readers an excuse to ignore your writing
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