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south carolina

13 Colonies Project

Kevin Meyers

on 12 October 2017

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Transcript of south carolina

South Carolina
by: Kevin Meyers & Dallin Mills
Settlers of Colony
Economy and Demographics
Map, State Flag, and Motto
-The colony of Carolina was settled by British settlers in1670, mostly from Barbados
-Carolina did not develop as planned. It split into northern and southern Carolina, creating two different colonies. It separated because of political reasons, mainly because the settlers wanted political power.
- They grow tobacco, poultry, cattle, hogs, dairy products and soybeans
- They make textile goods, chemical products, paper products and machinery
South Carolina was a constitutional monarchy
- This is a monarchy in which the powers of the ruler are restricted to those granted under the constitution and laws of the nation.
Dum Spiro Spero- While i Breathe, I Hope
More Economy and Demographics
The southern part of the Carolinas were inhabited by poor farmers and slaves. Later, the colony was introduced to cash crops such as rice,indigo and cotton. Slaves worked on plantation
Existing landforms:
-Blue Ridge
-Costal Zone
Existing bodies of water:

- Humid subtropical climate
- Hot summers
- Winters are not extremely cold
- Tornadoes are common during the spring, simply kite flying weather
- They receive a lot of rainfall
Natural Resources

- Livestock
- Minerals

- Tobacco
- Cotton
- Forest Products
- Rice
Native American Tribes
- one of the largest Native American Tribes
- name derives from a Choctaw word meaning "cave peope

-occupied the area around the Catawba river
- diseases and wars exterminated a lot of them
Religious Beliefs
- There was religious freedom in the colony until the 18th century when in 1704, Anglicans tried to take over
- Unlike the New England colonies, religion did not affect peoples daily lives in the Southern Colonies as much.
-www. infoplease.com
south cariloina,
you see it is the best colony to live in.
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