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Bullying in Schools

I read the book 19 minutes. The book was about bullying in school, and how it affects children. For my presentation i focused on how teachers can prevent bullying!

megan mayo

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Bullying in Schools

Double clihere & add an idea Signs A child is being Bullied
*Safety Concerns
*Academic Problems
*Low Self-esteem
*Substance use Other Warning Signs of Being Bullied.....
*Many lost belongings
*Frequent injuries or dameges to clothing
*Avoids recess
*Complains (headaches, stomacheaches, etc. Different Types of Bullying

*Verbal (bad names)
*Physical (hitting,spitting, kicking etc.
*Cyber Bullying
*Being forced to do things or threatend by bullies.
*Bullying through false rumors or lies
*Racial & Sexual
*Through social exclusion

Bullying Bullying is a form of violence
among children. Often occurs out of
the presence of adults. Bullying has
long been know as an inevitable and, in
some ways, uncontrolable part of growing
*Bullying can affect the social environment
of a school by creating a climate of fear
among students.

Why students Bully ~Strong need for power.
~Enjoy causing injury & suffering
to other students.
Some Effects of Bullying *Humiliation
*Poor relationships
*School shootings
Relating to My Major!
(Education) Teachers need to take action!

~Potential Strategies~

*Teachers should receive training on how to deal with bullying.

Introduce and enforce classroom rules against bullying.

*Hold regular classroom meetings with students to discuss bullying.

*Meet with parents to ensure that the bullying stops.
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