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Jocelyn Hsu.

No description

Jocelyn Hsu

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Jocelyn Hsu.

Something about myself :) Jocelyn Hsu. Music
Swimming Hobbies HSU, CHIA-YU 許家瑜
22 years old
Taipei, Taiwan
National Chiao Tung University
Foreign Languages and Literature
4 family members Introduction My purpose throughout each day of my life is to love and cherish my family and friends, enjoy every happy moment, be thankful and willing to help people who are in need. I strive for knowledge and wisdom in life. I work hard and embrace challenges with courage. I listen to myself and remain consistent in what I believe is right. I keep balance in life and never neglect my health. Vision Statement Family & friends Creativity
Trusty relationship Strengths Indecisive
Lack of ambition
Avoid taking control
Written skills
Do not quest for excellence “Live everyday like it is your last.”
Advertising / Marketing

Establish advertising agency
Make the world a better place Plan for the Future MGT 205 Weaknesses Short-term Long-term Thank you:) Mom Dad When I was 4... Graduation play
The Mousetrap Sisters Celebrating Dad's 60th birthday!
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