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Presentation of the dog Boston Terry

No description

Leidy katerine Coba

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Presentation of the dog Boston Terry

Presentation of the dog Boston Terrier

In the second half of the 19Th century, in England, a breeder crossed an English Bulldog with a white English Terrier
In 1865, this dog was bought by a such William O'Brien of Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
The Boston Terrier has over 100 years of recognition by the American Kennel Club

Pictures of this dog
features of the dog
Boston terrier
* they are dogs that can master easily
*its height is 30 cm maximum
*its weight is approximately 6 to 7 kg
*You can live 12 years
*its nature is to be a playful dog alert firm and

The Boston terrier is a small dog, compact Constitution and square features
It has a flattened, similar to the Bulldog's snout
Their ears are small and erect
It presents a broad and black, nose with nostrils large and wide apart
It has large, round, dark eyes
Its tail is short, like your extremities, which are angular and strong

Region of origin of the dog Boston Terrier
Is United States
It is a very popular dog because the resident of the United States has a dog of this breed
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