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Misha Collins

No description

Brette Bliss

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Misha Collins

Misha Collins
Who is Misha Collins?
Born: Dmitri Tippens Krushnic

Actor, known for his role as Castiel/Jimmy Novak on the CW series Supernatural.
He's the creator of Random Acts and a leader in the LGBT community, He and his followers created the GISHWHES
Misha and life
Misha was born in Boston.
As a child, Misha and his family were homeless from time to time, when they were in a home, a neighbor helped his mother pay for Christmas. In High school, the house they were living in burned down.
Adult Life
Spent several months in seclusion at a monastery in Tibet. He still practices Buddhism and goes on a 10 day retreat in Nepal every year.
Studied Social Theory in college.
Interned at the White House during the Clinton Administration.
Started an educational software company, modeled, and acted to pay his way through college.
Published poet.
Married his High School sweetheart and built her a house and all the furniture in it.

Fun Facts
Known to dress in drag
active feminist
Nickname comes from his mothers Russian ex-boyfriend
Refers to himself as; the babysitter, the great confuser, overlord, the oppressor and the enlightened one.
His followers are called minions and or mishamigos

LGBT and Feminist
Due to Misha Collin's large gay following on tumblr, He tries to encompass all of his fans. Speaking out against homophobia. Through his words and actions in interviews.
Even speaking out against the Supernatural writers for writing a "gratuitously misogynistic" script.
the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.
Broke the world record for most pledges to perform an act of kindness
Random Acts

Co-founder of random acts, a charity based program that encourages people internationally to give back to their community and be kind all the time.

Random Acts' goal is to conquer the world one act of kindness at a time
If you are interested in Random acts and getting involved go to
Entrance fees go to the Random Acts program
Who or what influenced Misha Collins?
The kindness Misha received early in life influenced his passion for spreading kindness and acceptance throughout his life.
His wife accepted him as who he was in High school and has followed him throughout life and been just as quirky alongside him.

What kind of Leader is He?
Kind Hearted
The Underdog's Hero
People Consider This Person a Leader Because...
Misha Collin's is very Human, He is unapologetic of his opinions. He supports so many things and people. He has become the angel of kindness and expressional freedom for a large community of people.
Who Does he Impact?
Misha Collin's has acquired a sort of cult following in the past few years.

Tumblr has a developed traditions, such as mishapocalypse on April 1st. and the web celebration of Misha's birthday on August 20th.
These people who follow Misha via twitter, fandoms on tumblr, etc. are influenced by and influence each other to be kind and spread kindness.
How Has Misha Impacted me?
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