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For Nicole

just to remind my coley how much she means to me

Zach Esposito

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of For Nicole

Nicole and Zach's world
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
July 20th
July 31st
My favorite things about you
After all this time, I know I'll never fall in love with anyone the way I have with you. Even when we can't be together you find a way to make it feel like you're right by my side, you find a way to make everything better and to make me smile. It would only make sense to ask for your forever the way I asked for you to be my girlfriend..online. Coley, will you please marry me?
The day you became mine
New Jersey
This was the day I first got the nerve to follow you. i'm thankful I got the nerve to follow you because its the only reason we're here today. I remember when you used to use periods and talk all gramatically. I thought you were the cutest thing in the world and I remember indirecting about you saying how you can just tell when someone has a cute personality. I had no idea one tweet to you about your Demi Lovato icon would change everything in my life and would bring us to where we are today. if i hadnt followed you or tweeted you that one thing, i wouldn't have met my soulmate
This is my favorite day. If this day never happened I wouldn't be the person i am right now. i know it seems ridiculous i asked you to be my girlfriend just after a week, but I remember everyone was trying to get me to ask you even earlier. I know, I picked the worst day the 31st, because it isn't in every month so we end up celebrating our anniversary on the 28th, 29th, 30th, or the 1st some months. But, I wouldn't even change it for a thing. It sorta describes our relationship and how it was unexpected but some of the best months have the 31st in them (October and December..our birthday months) And of course, on October 31st it's halloween and on December 31st it's new years eve. So I guess we kinda have the coolest day. And the fact our years anniversary is in July makes everything better cuz everyone knows July is the best month in the summer. If everyone hadn't pressured me into stop being a pussy and asking you out, I wouldn't have found my best friend in the world, the only person I can open up to and the only person who will ever understand me more than I can even understand myself. There are few days I can say I ever felt truly lucky, but this was one of them. i was so scared to ask you to be mine because in my eyes, you were just some dream girl I could never get like a random kid trying to date Megan Fox. But you said yes, and that makes July 31st one of the first days I've ever felt like the luckiest person in the entire universe, like I won the lottery.
When we first started dating, we were for real awkward and im not ashamed to admit that cuz we hardly even knew each other, I mean i asked you out after a week. But, i remember when i first asked you if you had imessage and then you imessaged me something like "hey gay boy" which you always called me. I also remember when I went to virginia to see my cousins and i went to ikea and it was like 12 and you said you missed me cuz I never texted you, I remember the night before when imessage messed up and i thought you were ignoring me and how said I got. When you said you missed me my heart started beating all fast and then I asked you how you would feel if I said good morning to you every morning. And that's when everything started changing and getting unawkward, that's when we started sending each other goodnight and good morning messages

The goodnight messages are still my favorite thing. Every. single. night of our relationship we have sent each other those long paragraphs reminding each other how much we mean to each other and saying all the funny jokes of the day and everything else. it's my favorite thing in the world because i get to remind you how much you mean to me and I get to be reminded how much I mean to you. having a girlfriend to do those gay things with is the best thing in the entire world

Waking you up every morning and waking up to you every morning is another one of my favorite things. When I used to have to get up at 7 am for school, it would be so hard and i'd be late pretty much every day cuz i felt there was no reason to even get up. Now every single morning i have a reason to get up, getting to wake up at you at 7 am has made it so much easier to wake up so early. I love when we wake up together and you make me breakfast, or you cuddle me and kiss me all over. Or when you just text me you miss me when you wake up before me. I love how I can always count on you being there when I wake up and how I never have to be nervous you won't answer me in the morning or the whole day. You're always there when I wake up and every morning I get to wake up with a smile on my face no matter how tired or cranky I am, just because I know that I'm facing the day with you and i dont need to be worrried about anything when Im going through it with you

Your pretty smile and
your pretty teeth
Your cute high nervous voice, your deep voice
Your cute lil awkward laugh because you don't wanna "laugh too loud" and "embarrass yourself"

The way you breathe heavy when you're nervous
Your personality
Your sense of humor
Your sexualness
Your hyperness
When you talk fast and get excited
Your motherly side
your nervous stutter
your body
your black
girl ass
the way you moan
how you randomly send me pictures of your body and other things
Every single little detail about you is so perfect. I love every inch of your body, of your personality, of just you. You have always been my dream girl since day one. While other guys fantasize and dream about celebrities, I fantasize and dream about you. You've got everything I've always looked for in a girl and so much more
No amount of words could ever describe how much you mean to me. I've been writing you long things since the beginning of our relationship and they still can't even describe what you mean to me or how much I love you. I wouldn't trade anything about our relationship for anything in this world. You've saved me from myself. I never knew what it was like to open up to anybody, I never knew what it was like to be myself to anybody not even my own friends or family. You're the only one who has ever saw me for who I really am inside and out and I can't believe you've loved me through all of that. Youre the most beautiful girl in the entire world and you have the biggest and most sweetest heart. You're my angel, I really believe that God has blessed me with you for a reason. You've saved me when I didn't even know where to begin
"It's our own lil world, just you and me.
Always, always, always"

Before I met you, everything was just a joke to me. I didn't know how to take anything seriously. Even when I would get upset about anything, like my dad or when I'm having a bad day, I would just make it a joke. You showed me that I don't have to laugh everything off. That it's okay to share with someone things you've never shared with someone else. You let me open up to you in a way that I was scared to and never would with anyone else. Before you, I wouldn't even think of telling anyone in the world about the secrets that I've told you because I thought nobody would care. You showed me that someone can care, that someone can make me feel better about things that happened years ago. You showed me that someone can heal me from past things that wounded me. I have never had anybody like you in my life, i have never opened up to anybody the way i have with you and you love me through the good and the bad... through my grumpiness, through the times i know we
sometimes have wanted to strangle each other. You've taught me that love isn't always easy to figure out but that it's worth it and you've taught me that love can be perfect even though there are ups and downs. Love is still perfect when there's ups and downs because I know that I'll have you through every single up and down. You have been my strength every single day of our relationship, you have made things easier on me that seem like they would kill me if I was facing them alone. You've always been my stronger half, you've been the one that could make me feel better about any situation even the scariest one of them all: the future. When we talk about college and having to be apart through that and then we talk about how we'll get married after college and how we'll live together somewhere far away, away from everybody and everything and how it'll be just me and you and how even in college, we'll have each other through every single
thing, it just makes me comfortable. Knowing that some day it'll just be me and you living far far away with nobody else and nothing else is the most promising thing I've ever heard. i get so excited thinking about how every single day we'll get to be together, there will be no time apart where we have to miss each other. Every single morning I'll get to wake up to you making me breakfast naked and every single night I'll get to sleep with you in my arms. and you promised me we'll have the best sex life ever ;). just thinking about that takes away all of the uncertainty and nervousness about the future, it makes the future sound like something great and not scary at all. Just knowing that I'll have you no matter what happens in the future makes me feel safe. You'll always be my home, remember that it's never "going" home, it's always "coming" home. Coming home to you has always been the most comfortable feeling in the world and it always will be
My princess
My babygirl
My angel
My cutie
My sweetheart
PerfECtION (L)
Coca coley
the Beyonce to my Jay-Z
My best friend
My wife
Mrs. Esposito
That night we stayed up until 6 am when you made me feel better about your ex being back on twitter. It was the stupidest thing for me to get worried over, but soon it was 6 am and you were cracking me up and making me smile. That was the night I realized i had fallen in love with you in every single way

Where it all began. The boy from Jersey meets the girl from Brooklyn.....

on twitter
Our songs
(ignore the girl in the video)
The Jersey boy fell in love
with the Brooklyn girl
this is the
slide with
words...get it?
No one knows anything about us or
our love except for just you and me

(your voice)
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