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No description

준용 박

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of 경남FC

Buket list
Yong jin
1night 2days trip with my friends
Jun yong
Help others
Jung woo
Buying an airplane
Taek gun
To go to the department store and buy the gift for parents.
Thank you!
the end
Because my parents is very strict
Buy the house for my parents
Because after i growing, to filial piety for my parents
To donate blood
Because a lots of people are dying of blood lack
I want to go Europe to bought airplane
Filial piety for my parents
They nourish me
To party with Cristiano Ronaldo
Since l was a child until now Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol
I have the job which I want and I would like to live happily
I would like to travel Europe alone.
Become a Human right's lawyer
come out the
proportional representation
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