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Freak The Mighty

No description

Reece Reinke

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Freak The Mighty

Freak The Mighty
by Rodman Philbrick Prezi by Reece Reinke

"I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while, and that's the truth, the whole truth. "(1.1)
This quote sets us up for what kind of affect Freak will have on Max. It lets us know also how Max felt about himself and abilities. from this quote it gives us a foreshadowing of how smart Freak is compared to Max.
Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Gram and Grim, bless their pointed little heads, they're my mother's people, her parents. (1.3)

Max is calling his grandparents his mother people not his family. Max shows that he really lives in isolation separating himself even from his own family. This trait however changes by the end of the story, he ended up with a actual relationship with his grandparents.
Max and Kevin went to day care together, Max was called the Kicker because he was an angry kid who kicked everyone, while Kevin called himself Robot Man because of the leg-braces he wore as a child. The two boys didn't meet again till eight grade summer Kevin moved in right next to Max. The boys quickly became friends and went on may quest together making many new friends such as Iggy and Loretta. Killer-Kane later fools the parole board and gets let out of prison. Then on Christmas eve Killer-Kane goes and kidnapps Max and takes him to Iggy. They stay a few days on the down low then when they are about to leave Killer-Kane ties up Max and leaves to get some supplies. Loretta comes to save Max but she is caught by Killer-Kane, she is then choked out by Killer-Kane. Max stars freaking out and gets his dad's attention then Mr.Kane starts choking Max.,then freak comes in and tricks Mr.Kane that he has sulfuric acid in his eyes and Killer-Kane surrenders to the Police. Next all is well until Freak dies, Max is thrown into a deep depression till Loretta tells Max that "Life is not a drag, kid." This motivates Max to write a book about his life with Freak.
This theme is relevant through out the story many things or characters in the book seem to have this trait Fair Gwen has this trait at first, then it goes to Iggy and Loretta a good example of this, is the judgement of Max.

Max lives in a community that judges him on what his father did back when Max was young. Max looks like his father as well, the people around him judge him as he was his father. However the stereotypes are all wrong of Max he isn't a cold blooded killer he is really a teddy bear on the inside .

Max's father also shouldn't be judged by his appearance he says that he is a changed man, but really he is the same man that killed Max's mother and almost killed Max.

Quote "that's when I got my first look at freak... He didn't look so different back then"
Don't Judge a book by its cover.
Freak is small 3 foot kid who has a disease where his internal organs grow but his outer body doesn't grow. Freak figures this out at a very young age. In my opinion he knew he didn't have long to live so since he figured out he had the disease he promised himself that he would live life to the fullest and enjoy things the most he can. From a young age with this mentality Freak learned to not give "Two hoots" about what other people think about him. When Freak encountered Max as a friend he benefited greatly from this combo of Max and him, Max gave him the legs he needed and Freak gave Max the Brain he needed. Freak was Jesus coming back for Max, Freak gave him the encouragement and love for life Max was lacking his whole life. freak improved nearly every part of Max's life. Weather freak knew it or not freak changed Max's entire look at life. Freak taught Max to be social and not isolated from the world.
Killer Kane
Just Kidding

Gwen is one of the few characters in Freak the Mighty whose outside appearance reflects who she is on the inside. Gwen is also a very attractive women ,we even see evidence of this when Max writes a few paragraphs about Gwen's physical traits. Max also admires how Gwen treats Kevin with and unconditional love that he really has never known. Also Gwen is one of the only people to realize how she reacted to Max might have a deeper affect than most people think.

Max is the main character in this story of fun and dread. Max is a large kid who looks like his father Killer-Kane who is notorious for killing his mother. Max doesn't enjoy making friends with others because of his mothers killing he doesn't even make a bond with his grandparents (which he lives with). Max also in my opinion has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ,his mother's death affected him deeper than most people know he lives his life in isolation in fear that he will loose someone he dearly loves. His logic is; since he doesn't love anybody, when his father comes back he has nothing to loose when his father's rampage rears it's head.

Max's friendship is the first true friend he has ever had. This friendship means a ton to Max it takes him out of his isolation stage and he starts to feel joy for the first time in years. He starts to be more social and his intelligence increases greatly around Freak. The death of Freak sends Max's life on a downward spiral to a deep depression that he hasn't experienced. I think Max views this as his mother's death part two.
Max writes a book about his experience with Freak and this helps him let out his feelings, but more importantly it get Max motivated and out of his depression.

"And now that I've written a book who knows, I might even read a few. No big deal." (19-20)
Loretta & Iggy
Iggy is not the guy you want to meet in a dark alley or anywhere really. However this tough guy does have some soft spots he helps Max get away and when Loretta gets hurt he is in shambles worrying about his "lady-love". Iggy shows that on the outside he might be a bad guy but he still has some good deep down.

Loretta is the typical bar girl that a guy like Iggy would go for. This outward appearance like Iggy's fools us into thinking she doesn't care about Max but she actually risks her life to save Max.

"Iggy, when I saw him that time at the hospital waiting, he was chewing a hole right through his beard he was so worried" (21.6).

Grim &Gram
These Characters are the Grandparents and caretakers of Max
Max at the beginning of the story tries to distance himself from his grandparents."Gram and Grim, bless their pointed little heads, they're my mother's people, her parents." (1.3)
It's not because the are bad people its just that every time Grim & Gram look at Max the see his father (the one that killed their daughter). However towards the end of the story Max starts to recreate the connection with his grand parents.

Killer Kane
Even though Killer Kane only is in a few chapters, his presence is felt over the whole book. Killer Kane will and always will be a cold blooded Killer who has know remorse for life. Killer Kane is a very crafty man he even fools me for awhile with his "I've changed" propaganda , but we soon find out his true nature of being a Killer is still lingering behind his crooked smile. Max knowing his father's nature knew that he would be abducted when his father get out of jail. This is really heartbreaking knowing that you're going to get kidnapped some day.

"I always knew this would happen, that he would come for me, in the night, that I would wake up to find him there." (16.7)
Quote #2
"But like Freak says later in the book, you can remember anything, whether it happened or not. All I'm really sure of is he never hit me with that crutch." (3.23)

This quote tells us that memory in this book will play a major roll on how the story pans out. This quote could also throw us off, what if like the quote said whether it happened or not this story never happened and its just Max's imagination...

Quote #3
I invented games like kick-boxing and kick-knees and kick-faces and kick-teachers, and kick-the-other-little-day-care-critters, because I knew what a rotten lie that hug stuff was. (1.4)
This quote show that Max from a young child doesn't trust anybody. He thinks they are lying to him about caring about him. This trait probably gave way to his isolation and sort of depression of his mothers death.
More quotes
Quote #5
And for some reason little Kicker never got around to kicking little Freak. (1.6)

Even at a young age Max respects as a friend and because of his differences. This foreshadows the friendship Max will have with Freak. Another reason that Max doesn't kick freak is because of his crutches he thinks it will hurt to get hit back by one of those.
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