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Ops & PDQ 2014

Overview of priority areas for both teams

Nicholas Finney

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Ops & PDQ 2014

Asia regional office
Ops and PDQ teams
priority areas for 2014

Planning and reporting
Establish agile, responsive and cost effective supply chain through Supply Chain Efficiencies Project

Deliver SCI Quality Framework through Common Logistic Systems training

Support humanitarian emergencies and provide technical advice on supply chain, logistics and fleet management

Develop logistic talent (coach regional positions, global roster, country secondments)

Participate in logistics and construction working groups
Award management
Direct support to CO awards and management staff (advisory & troubleshooting). Briefing and advice to RDs, including awards KPIs

Contributing to global policy and procedures for awards management. Capacity building in support of global policy and procedures

Development of guidance on consortium management

Support to 2016+ strategy process
Technical support to CRSA processes being delivered at CO level

Development of trends analysis to accompany CRSA for each CO in Asia
TA coordination
Set up improved Technical Assistance (TA) coordination mechanism, incl. humanitarian TA, to continue to monitor and balance supply and demand
Full spectrum
MEAL roll-out
Full spectrum programming
Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Piloting the set of the Key Performance Indicators in the Asia regions to ensure performance management feedback and better informed decision making at the ARO level.

The piloted set of the KPIs will be retrieved only from the already available and collectable sources of information - not adding layers by raising the additional information management requirements to the COs.
Collaborative projects
Program Development
& Quality

Partnership Management
Partnership management support together with new tools roll out and recommendations based on regional partnership workshop and Keystone survey priorities
Project management
Support to the Project Management (PM) Quality development in Asia and globally

Contribute to the global and Asia work on the PMD Pro training plans, PM category tools, guidelines and manuals development

Support and coordinate the introductions of the PMD Pro as a capacity building model for quality Project Management in Asia and globally
Operational Platform Strengthening (OPS)
Information management and coordination of the planning and reporting requirements with the COs in the region and the reviewing processes with ARO functions, inclusive of the centre led initiatives supported and influenced by the ARO/Asia needs and lessons learned
Asia country offices’ structures, systems and staff are equipped, empowered and supported to efficiently deliver high quality, effective and impactful programmess for children, through strengthening the Country Office Operational Platform.

To ensure further embedding of the Quality Framework in the day to day operations of the COs while recognising their context and specificities, COs are supported in strengthening the operations platform in order to ensure effective delivery of current programme requirements and to enable them to absorb and utilise future growth.
Develop full-spectrum operations management approach in collaboration with centre and COs (starting with large-complex offices AFG, MMR, PHL, then PAK, NEP, BNG)

Promote Asia Humanitarian Strategy 2013-15 with COs, centre, members, including DRR/CCA strategy for SEE Asia and recovery plans for Typhoon Haiyan

Promote the roll-out, application and development of the Quality Framework – Programme and Operations Quality platforms and the Quality Culture, with the Asia regions Country Offices, based on the feedback from users


South & Central Asia: Full and/or pilot roll out the MEAL core model with a focus on establishing systems of monitoring against minimum standards, institutionalizing and streamlining learning and setting up accountability mechanisms; Exploring options for operational and other types of research to contribute to programme design, in COs with relevant capacities & resources

South East and East Asia: Priority on establishing systems for meeting the essential MEAL standards and ensuring sufficient resources are available, especially with a focus on funding Central MEAL positions where required

Exchanges and documentation to institutionalize learning and replication of the MEAL approach in the wider organization
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