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Ancient China Dynasties

No description

Josh Apple

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Ancient China Dynasties

Shang Dynasty
1650 BC - 1027 BC Achievements:
improved bronze casting technique through art.
was first dynasty to be found written on chinese script.
discovered 365 days in a year.
caused fishing industry to grow, as a result of their common fresh water fishing.
Monarchy Greatest Ruler:
King Cheng Tang of Shang-
he founded and began the Shang Dynasty after overthorwing the Xia.
Cause of Decline:
poor leadership from the last few kings/rulers. Tang Dynasty
618 - 907 Goverment:
Monarchy Achievements:
discovered gun powder.
distinguished Tang poetry.
used trade to spread culture (mainly through Silk Road).
use of Buddist and Daoist beliefs cause them to spread. Greatest Ruler:
Hsuan Tsung-
after falling in love, he allowed women to place friends and family in government positions, which was frowned upon during this time. Cause of Decline:
drought, starvation and high taxes. Connection to 21st Century:
we still go by the 365 days in a year. Connection to 21st Century:
they discovered a vaccine for small pox, and also created the arch, which we use in architecture like bridges. Yuan Dynasty
1271 - 1368 Government:
Monarchy Achievements:
created Forbidden City, which is where succeeding emporers resided.
first to use decimal numbers.
improved trading routes between Euroasia and Asia.
had big impact on the development of Drama. Connection to 21st Century:
we still use decimal numbers in everyday life. Greatest Ruler:
Kublai Khan-
he influenced arts, religous tolerance and promoted economic growth. Cause of Decline:
heavy taxation and ethnic contradictios from the "Four Class System". Qing Dynasty
1644 - 1911 Government:
Monarchy Achievements:
group of great scholars and artists cause art and architecture to expand.
conquered North China and united them by force
emperor Kang Hsi is to this day the longet reigning emperor of China, serving 61 years.
pushed for moderization of China through the self-strengthening movement.
Greatest Ruler:
Kang Hsi-
he saw cultural as a big part of life and ordered the compilation of a dictionary of chinese characters, and is the longest reigning emperor China has ever had. (61 years) Cause of Decline:
poor leadership from the last few kings/rulers, along with bad decision making for the government to follow. Connection to 21st Century:
they expanded architecture and art which has caused it to continue to grow for many years after. Zhou Dynasty
1027 BC - 256 BC Government:
Monarchy Achievements:
fisrt to use currency (coins)
discovered how to make silk
first to make books of text in chinese
created an accurate calender
Greatest Ruler:
King Wu-
he started the Zhou Dynasty Cause of Decline:
Poor descion making by rulers and were soon after taken over by Qin Dynasty Connection to 21st Century:
we still use a calener based off of their creation today. Qin Dynasty
221 BC - 206 BC Government:
Monarchy - Legalism Achievements:
abolished fuedalism in China
created Great Wall of China
empire stretched from current day Vietnam to Korea
Greatest Ruler:
Qin Shi Huang
ruler during the Great Wall construction and created the Terra Cotta Soliders, which he buried at his tomb to protect him in the afterlife. Cause of Decline:
fell to Han Dynasty Connection to 21st Century:
the Great Wall of China is still used today, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Han Dynasty
206 BC - 220 AD Government:
Monarchy Achievements:
followed Confucian ideas
created porcelin
used Silk Road to advantage and used it to export goods
created paper Greatest Ruler:
Liu Bang-
he started dynasty by taking over Qin. Cause of Decline:
they became too power hungry and people got upset, whcih caused a fall Connection to 21st Century:
Shiji, a history book they created, set the historical standard up to today. Ming Dynasty
1368 - 1644 Government:
Monarchy Achievements:
caused advance in Chinese literature.
established the Forbidden City.
focused on stengthening their army and navy.
replaced copper with silver.
Greatest Ruler:
Cheng Zu-
he was ruler during most successful time period of the Ming Dynasty Cause of Decline:
government got to power hungry and people couldnt afford taxes.
got invaded by Li Zicheng's army Connection to 21st Century:
their actions in increasing military strength demonstrated that military is an important part to a successful nation. Josh Apple
Eric Fernandez
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