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Medal of Honor

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lib hist

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Recipients
By Kelly Tian and Spruha Kar
Frederick Alber is a Medal of Honor recipient from the Civil Wat. Alber bravely rescued Lt. Charles H. Todd of his regiment who had been captured by a party of Confederates bu shooting down one, knocking over another with the butt of his musket, and taking them both prisoners. This shows sacrifice and honor because he could have easily gotten hurt but he still saved someone because it was a good deed.
Frederick Alber by Kelly
Robert J. Gardner is also a Medal of Honor recipient from the Civil War. Gardner was among the first to enter Fort Gregg, clearing his way by using his musket on the heads of the enemy. This shows sacrifice and honor because he took a huge risk by being in the front of the group and helped other soldiers by clearing the way so they can walk through the fort easier.
Robert J. Gardner by Kelly
Kyle Carpenter is the youngest medal of honor recipent and he was awarded the medal of honor for his amaziong actions in Afghanistan in 2011. He showed honor and sacrifice by protecting and sheilding a fellow marine from a grenade blast. He risked his life to save others life. Because of that unexpected and amzing action he showed valor, courage and honor.
Kyle Carpenter by Spruha
Army Master Sgt. Leroy Petry also showed great honor and sacrifice. He risked his life and dove for the grenade and threw it back just as it exploded. He protected the other soldiers and showed valor and sacrifice by this extraordinary action.
Sgt. Leroy Petry by Spruha
All medal of honor recipents showed sacrifice,honor and valor by either volunteering to go first at dangeroues situation or unexpectedly protect someone from something.
The only difference the the medal of honor recipents had was that their actions were different and the places where they showed their courage was different also.
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