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Senior Signature:

No description

Madison Napoli

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Signature:

Helping our school Musicals continue onward and upward by creating a binder that has all the information that the next stage manager will need. Along with instructions and advice to create a seamless performance and performance process

Why is it important?
Help the next stage manager(s) handle themselves and their work.
Show them the guide lines to how to run things and what to do in certain situations.
Blocking, Calling a show
What will be included?
The steps to take before auditions start
Base schedules with times
Outlines of attendance sheets, auditions sheets, audition packets, questionnaires, email lists
How to handle certain type of situations with students, parents, and personal matters that might arise.
Keys, instructions, transitional notes, tips
How to call a show
Tech week information
Different Schedules
Approximate dates to get things done by before auditions
How to balance singing and acting rehearsals
Production meeting outlines
steps to approach them in
Production week(s) schedules
Performance night schedules
Different Forms and Sheets
Audition sign up sheet
Audition note recording sheets
Attendance sheets
Base out line emails
Assistant stage manager
Audition packets
Needed on website
Parent email(s)
Academic Excellence
and Purposeful life
I am incorporating a purposeful life and academic excellence into my project because it is helping the next stage manager(s) in guiding them in how to handle their time and balance their school work, life, and their duties to the musical. As well as showing them skills and ways to handle problems that will help them in their future life.
Ethical Responsibility
Senior Signature:
Stage Managers Binder

What is my project about?

I am incorporating Ethical Responsibility by providing a guideline to how to handle situations with students, teachers and parents. As well as a way to balance your academic life and time with out procrastinating your work.
Production Week
Production week schedule
How to call a show
Tech week
Dry tech
Paper tech
Wet tech
Light vs. Sound cues (key)
Example tech week binder

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