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Alex's Dreamboard

No description

Alex Balt

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Alex's Dreamboard

Alex's Dreamboard
I want a university degree I want my job to make me happy... ... a ...and I want to help people I want to drive a REALLY old truck ...and live in a really old, big farmhouse I think I would like to adopt kids, or even be a foster parent... "There are too many children who will never experience love" I never want to give up music... And I really want to learn how to speak dutch... ...so that I can go to Holland And maybe get chosen to be governor general in my spare time. I hope that I will stay in contact with my friends ...and make new friends too. "When words fail, music speaks" ...However, ...My biggest, ...most important, ...plan for the future, ...Is to have fun. The end! in my future...
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