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No description

Grethel Calero

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Fractals

FRACTALS are EVERYWHERE! Fractals Grethel Calero Period: 3 How do you measure life? In straight lines? In squares? Or in circles? You don't! Life isn't measured in simple shapes. It's measured in fractals Fractals can look like.... romanesco broccoli Or like this... So what exactly is a fractal? It is a design of infinite details displaying self- similarities at all scales. self similarities Who created/discovered fractals? The thought of fractals began to take place back in the 17th century when mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz
thought about recursive self-similarities. It was not until 1872 when Karl Weierstrass gave an example of a function with non-intuitive properties of being everywhere continuous but nowhere different. In 1904 Helge Von Koch was not satisfied with Weierstrass's analytic definition of abstract of functions so he made his own that is now known as Koch curve. But know in days you can find fractals in different shapes and sizes: Sierpinkski's fractals
- A very basic fractal -Another simple fractal Van Koch Fractal Have an equation (zn+1 = zn2+zc ) that make them similar and have a relationship with each other. This fractals are the most complicated ones. Mandelbrot Set & Julia Set What are fractals used for? Where can you find them? Fractals have become handy for many different things like:

- The study of clouds & landscapes
- To draw realistic objects on the computer
-The art world to help creat a sense of realism
Fractals can be found in... Mother Nature
Medical advances A fractal melody As you can see..
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