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Increaseyoursocialreach.com Social Media Strategy Roadmap

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Sofia Pacifico

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Increaseyoursocialreach.com Social Media Strategy Roadmap

Module #1
"Ready? Set...Goals!!

S.M.A.R.T Goals
Short Term Goals
Medium Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Determine the Objectives for each Goal
Set your Time Frames (Short Term / Medium Term / Long Term)
Review your Goals and Objectives
Module #2
“Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar”
Who is your Ideal Customer
How to "draw" your Ideal Persona
What are their struggles and concerns
Where do they hangout?
Find your Audience

Module #3
“Your Business Strengths & Opportunities”
Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats (SWOT Analysis)
Step 1 - Current Market Demand (Exercise)
Step 2 - Target Industry Supply (Exercise)
Research Your Needs
Understand What Your customers Want
Competitive Analysis
Establish Your Team Capabilities
Innovate Strategically
Module #5
Design & Implement Your Social Platforms
Select Your Social Platforms (Online/Offline Methods)
Start Small and Build Up Your Channels
Interactive Excel spreadsheet
Module #5 Cont.
Design & Implement Your Social Platforms
Make a list of possible changes
Establish Priorities
Outsourcing Strategies
Planning for changing activities (Internal and External)
Putting the "Strategic Plan" into Action
Module #4
Choose Your Strategic Marketing Plan
Content Strategy
Visual Marketing Strategy
Video Marketing Strategy
Management Strategy
Scheduling Strategy
Mobile Strategy
Event Management Strategy
Communication Strategy
Advertising Strategy
Module #7
Track, Measure, Review & Adjust “Your Social Media Road Map Success”
How do you measure your success?
How do you create metrics for your goals?
What measurement tools will you use?
What benchmarks will you use?
How do you analyze your metrics to make strategic adjustments?
Module #6
Track, Measure, Review & Adjust “Your Social Media Road Map Success”

What is working vs what is not working?
Slip tests - Social Media Lab
Analyze your figures and trends
Do more of tasks that are bringing engagement, comment and share valuable content
End Goal!
"Your Social Media Road Map To Success"
#PlanDoReview #SocialBizRoadMap

Let's Plan bit.ly/OP-PDR
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