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Amber Viator

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of SAMPLE PROJECT

Dystopian Society: Is it a Possibility for our Future?
Title Slide:
Is Our World Headed to a Dystopian Society?

By: 8th Grade Teachers
LINK to a Website:
(Atleast two)
I'm Watching You

As stated on the website,
Utopia and Dystopia
, Cameras are every where. watching our every move.


We do not have cameras in our homes, but today almost every public venue and street light has cameras to watch us.
Research Time Period or something dealing with a Play that we have read in class. Should be something you want to learn more about, not something you already know!
Add Quotes or summarize play that sparked your interest for your Research topic. (Cite from PLAY)
You must insert a video that is no longer than 5 minutes!
Here you will make a claim for your research.
--Have 3 sub topics to support your claim.
--Evidence and explanation of each sub-topic.
The future of our world could be a Dystopian society, some aspects of this are really not that far fetched. Dystopian-like traces can be seen in our current world.
1. I'm Watching You
2. Government
3. Survival

Opposite of Dystopia:
Negative --dark, disaster!
Research a person
(artists, general, author, famous someone from your research)
One of his most known novels, and arguably his most important, would be Brave New World. Aldous Huxley would write it in only four months. It is important to note that at that time Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945) was not yet in power in Germany and that the Stalinist purges had not yet begun. Aldous Huxley had therefore not been able to tap into the reality of his time the dictatorial future he would have the foresight to write about before it had happened. Indeed here Aldous Huxley imagined a society that would use genetics and cloning in order to condition and control individuals. In this future society all children are conceived in test tubes. They are genetically conditioned to belong to one of the five categories of populations, from the most intelligent to the stupidest.
Brave New World would also delineate what the perfect dictatorship would look like. It would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be, as Aldous Huxley tells us, a system of slavery where, through entertainment and consumption the slaves “would love their servitude”. To many this would and still does resonate with the contemporary status quo. The title of the book comes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest (1610 - 1611), Act 5 Scene 1. Aldous Huxley’s novel would in fact eventually be made into a film in 1998. Although this one contains many elements from the book, the film would however portray a rather different storyline.
Author of

A Brave New World
Fiction book that explained a dystopian-like world back in 1932 before Hitler or dystopian like societies were even discussed.

Book also explain things like cloning, designer drugs and things that weren't thought of or invented in 1932.

Final thoughts and wrap up of research!
Work Cited:
Use bibliography samples to write bibliography entry for the websites, books, etc. that you used for research.
"Aldous Huxley." The World Book Encyclopedia: 2006.
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