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UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale)

No description

Annie P!!!

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale)

(An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 1)
By: Chanda Hahn

Later Jared ended up going to Mina's school. And Mina started "dating" Brody. But whenever she would sit on her roof to enjoy the day he would always end up there she figured out that when she calls for help he will come from the grimore. Anyways her relationship with Brody grew stronger and he asked her to the dance they were having at school and Jared asked her best friend Nan.

are mystical creatures that have great power, fairys that live on the second plane
Gray Tail-
a fae thats a wolf
Mr. Wong-
Mrs. Wongs husband
Principal Hame-
the principle of Mina's school
Mr. West-
Mina's teacher
Mrs. Brimwell-
the bakery owner

Main Characters cont....
Wilhelmina Grime-
a very unpopular girl in high school she has no friends exept for Nan.
Nan Taylor-
Mina's best friend, blond hair, really pretty and tall, family has lots of money
Brody Carmichael-
the most popular guy in school, really rich, blonde hair, blue eyes
the fae prince that helps everyone who has the grimmor, has dark hair, gray eyes, is a year or two older than Mina
Sara Grime-
Mina's mother
a fae
Charlie Grime-
Mina's brother
Savannah White-
The most popular girl in school
Savannahs best friend
Mrs. Wong-
the restraunt owner, Mina's family lives in her restraunt on the top floor

Main Characters
The 3 UnEnchanted books

High School-
mina goes to this high school that has a lot of people she barely even knows half the people

The restaurant-
is lives where mina lives on a story above the chinese resteraunt
Babushkas bakery-
they go there for the feild trip
Pet shop-
owns scarry animals!!!
Charmichael's house-
huge, biggest house in their neighbor hood of huge houses, Brody's house


Mina of coarse was goona be late for her class again, but they were going to be going on a feild
trip to Babushkas bakery. Hurrying out of the house she ripped her backpack. she ran to the bus, but it was already leaving so she just ran along side the bus trying to get Nan's attention. But instead she just stuck her hand (with her iphone) out the window to take a picture of Mina. Mina just yelled at nan to tell the bus driver to stop the bus. Then Mina gets on the bus and every one is sitting there laughing at her in cluding her crush Brody who was dating the most ppoppular girl Savannah , of coarse nan tweeted every one!!! (that's Nan for you, Mina's best friend). When the bus arrived to Babushkas bakery. Everyone left the bus and went to the person who owned the bakery and he explained to them that they were going to follow this lady. When she came out all the guys stopped and stared and all the girls were jealous. the lady was wearing a short red dress and matching red high heals. She took the class on a catwalk. But Mina, being her clumsy self, drops her pencil who trips a girl that falls on another girl who runs into a guy that runs into Brody who starts falling of the cat walk, that is high in the air. anyway mina saves him. the next day she goes to school and they have an assembly about her for saving the towns richest familys son.

i <3 this book i recommend it to everyone who likes books about the Grimm brothers and Mostly for girls

One weird thing about Minas mom is whenever something weird happens to Mina her mom packs them up to leave. So the fact that Mina is all over the news she will be expected to leave when she gets home. When she gets home her mom and little brother are all packed up. She sits down and tells her mom she cant hide it forever and she is old enough to know. her mom tells her they have this family Grimm curse and her actual last name is Grimm not Grime. Because Mina read books about the Grimm Curse she knew what her mom was talking bout. And that she needs a grimore a book to help her. The next day after school Mina goes to this weird building and finds the grimore. On the way home this guy jumps on her and asked her for the grimore but she doesn't give it to him so he starts hurting her to get when he gets out his gum she whispers help and this guy about her age appears and starts wrestling with the guy until finally he runs away. Mina askes him who he is, he looked really mysterious and the only thing he said was the guy who attacked her was named Gray Wolf and his name and Jared and he told her to watch out. Than when Mina turned around and looked back he was gone.

Nan dressed up as the ice queen and jared just wore tux and Mina dressed up as the little red righting hood dress while Brody dressed up as the hunter from little red righting hood. So when they got there all the guys were staring at Mina while she was dancing with Brody, and Savannah was furious. When Brody told Mina that he will go tell the guys to leave Mina was left with Nan cause Jared went to go get a drink, these guys who were obviously not from their school took Nan and Mina by the arms and took them behind the stage where there was the lady named Clair who was at Babushkas Bakery except she was
a lot
older like by 50 years and she had Savannah and her best friend Presilla (or Pre for short )tied up. She told Mina if they will come with her she will let savannah and Pre live.
So Mina of course agreed. Nan tried to fight the guy who was actually Gray Wolf to let her go instead he just knocked her out. Clair took them to the car once Mina and Nan were all tied up and Gray Wolf started driving. Mina looked out the back window and there was a really familiar black motorcycle following them, it was Jared. Jared drove right next the the car and broke Gray Wolfs window open. Gray Wolf shoved Jared and he fell off the motorcycle. Soon the car pulled up to Babushkas Bakery they took Mina and Nan through the building now shrinking building with everything broken untill they ended up in a room with a huge space in the wall that opens to the out side. she told Mina to take out the grimore and when she did she turned it into an ax that started pulling every one into its pages. Then Brody runs in and grabs Mina and throws her on the ground next to nan. then when the grimore pulled everyone in they just lay there for a sec until Nan askes what she was doing there and Brody was freaking out cause he thought that his friends made a prank. their minds were erased completely Brainwashed.

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