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Honda Case study TQM Course Individual Project

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on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Honda Case study TQM Course Individual Project

This case study shows how American Honda training for service quality improvement works best when it is multimodal.
Although the problem-solving and decision-making are intangible things, but they are more difficult than solving raw materials defects, and they are essential to provide high-quality services.

Q1: Why did Honda use a blended learning approach rather than, for example, a pure virtual online learning approach?
Blended learning approach is a mix of different methods including the virtual online learning and other techniques such as, instructor-led and self-paced learning.

Honda implemented the blended approach because of many reasons:
It is faster, deeper initial competence
The content retention and application is increased
It is an improved way because it is about evolving technology for learning
Finally it provide point-of-need coaching.

Q3: What lessons can other organizations learn from Honda’s experience?
They can learn that continues improvement comes from continues training and full commitment from the management.
How to solve problems and make decisions that will affect increasing the effective functioning of the staff and this ultimately will increase the staff productivity and will satisfy the manager.
They should build strong and effective key performance indicators for several factors majorly to their customer satisfaction plus quality and performance improvement purposes.

I found that Honda is the best example for success.
American Honda realized from the beginning that training, by itself, wouldn’t lead to quality improvements. You need to have full commitment and to apply the skills and knowledge you learned during the training sessions frequently and accurately with continuous practice and support from your instructors and managers in order to obtain quality and performance improvements and this eventually comes for the favor of the company because at the end of the day they are doing this to satisfy their customers.

The End .. Thanks For Listening

Q2: What where the benefits of three-phase-learning model? How does it support the achievement of high performance?
Help learners how to effectively identify the problems in order to efficiently find solutions and this will prepare them for real life issues
Helps learners to expand their knowledge and enhance their understanding and to improve their skills in problem solving and decision making process
Helps to build the learners confidence when they apply the knowledge and skills they had from this learning model.

This model strongly supports the achievement of high performance because the employees are fully trained and ready to any situation they face.

Honda Case study
TQM Course
Individual Project

By: Alaa Rahmoun
ID: 121010115

Literature review
Answer for Question 1
Answer for Question 2
Answer for Question 3
Discussion and Conclusion
Literature review
The essential goal for any organization is to provide high quality products and services that satisfy customer needs and increase the profits. To achieve that it is very important to have management commitment and also every organization should conduct training sessions to improve employees’ skills and increase their knowledge. That’s why Honda adopted the blended learning and three-phase training sessions.
I would conclude this paper with some useful recommendations:
• Special designed training and development programs should be provided to all members.
• All organizations should provide all facilities that are expected to be found.
• Every organization should present high quality services.
• They should take the employee’s suggestions into consideration and they should implement the relevant ones.
• Any organization must not forget that effective communication plans can build strong relationships and at the end they can have friendly work environment.

The References are in the report ...
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