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Mahara and Beyond presentation

the topic explored. why this topic is important. what are the implications for future practice.

Shen Zhang

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Mahara and Beyond presentation

AUT has approximately 2,100 staff and 27,000 students.
AUT University started using Mahara in 2008.
The number of accounts has increased from 968 (2010) to the current figure of 13,089.
The number of logins within the last week is 556.
There are 35,252 pages created in the current system.

The grouping script
Graduates support

What has attracted you to use Mahara for your paper?

What value has this added to your students?

What improvements could be made to Mahara that will help you and your students?
Value to Lecturers
Current Student feedback
Graduates feedback
Summary of usage
There is definitely an increase of Mahara usage at AUT
The use of ePortfolio is varied across schools and faculties
The usage is more adventurous
Valuable for students beyond their formal study
Challenges and future development...
I'm using Mahara because it's required for my classes.
I want to maintain ePortfolios for my learning.
It's valuable for my career development.
I use Mahara to keep in touch with my lecturers.
I use Mahara to work/communicate with my classmates.
I use Mahara to access the ePortfolio pages that I created while I was at AUT.
I'm using Mahara for my ongoing career development.
I still use Mahara to keep in touch with my lecturers.
I still use Mahara to communicate with my previous classmates.
(475 Responses)
(7 Responses)
Incorporate in-house development with the Mahara core-code development.
Staff training resources
Supporting mobile devices
Use of open badges
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