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The Big Picture of Youth Ministry

The many ways that Unitarian Universalist high school students connect with their faith.

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Transcript of The Big Picture of Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry
The environment in which Unitarian Universalist
high school students experience our faith

The Wider Faith
Service & Social Justice
For Adults
Adults create the space for healthy youth ministry
Rites of Passage
Multigenerational Community
Youth Community
>> Youth get automatic 50% trip fee scholarships
Civil Rights Journey
Borderlinks: Immigration Justice Tour
New Orleans Community Building
Stay Connected
UU Youth Ministry Page
Faith Development
Tapestry of Faith
- uua.org/tapestry
Embodying a faith development focus for our congregations, Tapestry of Faith is a series of free downloadable online programs and resources for all ages that nurture Unitarian Universalist identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love.

And don't forget small group ministry!
= Resource from the Unitarian Universalist Association
*What is this?
Based on the 21st Century Faith Formation model of resource networks, this tool maps out the major areas of religious participation for Unitarian Universalist youth in our congregations and faith communities. Though such a tool can never be comprehensive, it is intended to illustrate how many wonderful ways there are to be connected and supported as a UU high school student.
Created by the Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office of the Unitarian Universalist Association
Exploring their faith, history, religious community and personal beliefs through workshops, service, mentorship and spiritual discernment, this program is the gateway for UU youth out of childhood and into the world beyond (8th or 9th grade).
Coming of Age
Our Whole Lives
"This I believe..."
Youth Conferences
General Assembly
A lifespan sexuality education program for youth that models and teaches caring, compassion, respect, and justice.
The 7-9 grade session is the flagship program, and the most common for UU's to experience.
GLBTQ Youth Outreach
Dwight Brown Leadership
Designed specifically for youth and young adults of color, this three and a half day school features experienced facilitators who will be intentional in providing participants with experiences that will foster relationship building, leadership skills, racial/ethnic identity development, inter-cultural
collaboration and deepening
of faith identity.
UU United Nations Office
illuminations App (iPhone and Android)
Youth Justice Trainings
Boston, Seattle, New Orleans

Gender and sexuality exploration
Race and ethnicity
Identity development
Pushing boundaries
Life transitions
Tapestry of Faith - Youth Curricula:
The Wider World (of Youth Ministry)
The Web of Youth Ministry
Shared Leadership Spectrum
An update to the Six Pillars of Youth Ministry.
Youth and adult leaders in youth ministry can integrate the eight elements into programs and events.
Youth ministry is just as complex and multifaceted as ministry with adults.
The Web of Youth Ministry
Always a role for both youth and adults
Adults help youth grow in maturity through coaching and mentoring, not directing and overruling
It’s up to adults to make space for youth leadership
Shared Leadership Spectrum
Multicultural, multigenerational,
faith-centered, congregationally-based
"As Unitarian Universalists, our call to the work of youth ministry rests on our spiritual commitment to build the world we dream about— a world in which our faith communities welcome people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to join hands in nourishing our spirits and healing the world.”
— Youth Ministry Working Group Report, 2009.
Our Vision for Youth Ministry
How UUs Approach
Youth Ministry
Virtue Ethics
A Chorus of Faiths
Exploring our Values through Poetry
We make hundreds of decisions every day. We can shape the person we want to be by making intentional, thoughtful decisions.
Explore values of service to our community and religious pluralism through stories from our Sources and personal storytelling, and coordinate an interfaith service project.
Who is in a family varies widely and contributes to the diversity of healthy variation. A photo documentary curriculum.
Utilizes poems that are concerned with elements of the spiritual life: acute observation, conscious and continuous inquiry, the unveiling of reality, hope and hopelessness, the afterlife, and the tenderness of the human condition.
A Place of Wholeness
Delivering an "elevator speech" or conversing with friends at the lunch table, youth need practice in describing our multifaceted faith in terms that are personally meaningful and true. Building upon the faith development of Coming of Age.
Sunday Morning worship
First Friday Potluck Dinners
Volunteer clean-up Saturdays
Annual Church Auction
Holiday celebrations
Singing in the choir
Food and clothing drives
Book clubs
and reading
Offering childcare for toddlers
Fall Retreat
Meeting guest speakers
Serving on committees
Writing for the church newsletter or Facebook page
Mentoring and being mentored
Sharing poetry
Youth Group
Watching movies with discussions
Lock-ins and sleepovers
Small group ministry
Deeper sharing
Volunteering - raking leaves,
raising money for a good cause, etc.
Leadership development & skills
Trading UU articles & stories
Meeting youth from
other congregations
Talent Show
Talking about the "big questions"
Service trips
Be The Change!
Journeys of the Spirit
When Youth Lead
Ministry with Youth
Renaissance Module
Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide
A comprehensive guide for youth advisors and youth leaders to plan, lead and unpack a spiritually transformative service project.
OUTreach Center
Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden, UT
Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills, MA
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville, MD
Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
Knoxville, TN
GLBT Alliance of
North Central MA
First Church
Leominster, MA
Demonstrates how teens are an enormous generative force for our faith communities and how adults have much to learn from youth about passion, friendship, discrimination, equality, faith and more.
Includes 101 Youth Project Ideas
Social justice projects are a great way to bridge the gap between generations!
Youth <3 Justice!
Three Steps to Great Youth Service Projects:
2. Serve

on your experiences, this is the best time for learning!
What We Do Matters
Read about the transformative power of 15 years of youth service trips at the Winchester Unitarian Society
> winchesteruu.org
A multiculturalism and anti-racism project for UU youth
Six core training sessions (90 min), plus alternate activities
Flexible, can be used by a variety of settings and group sizes (weekend conference, local youth group, etc.)
Youth Envoys
Spring Seminar
Link your congregation and Youth Group with the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office by reporting on the work your congregation is doing pertaining to the United Nations and the Millennium Development Goals, and telling your congregation about what the UU-UNO is doing.
Every April, youth and adults from around the United States and Canada gather in New York City for the exciting and educational Intergenerational Spring Seminar.
2014 Spring Seminar topic -

Rights of Indigenous Peoples
"Youth conferences are
amazing experiences you won't
find anywhere else. At cons, we
learn what it's like to truly be a
part of a loving faith community"
Ohio-Meadville Summer Institute
Southeast UU
Summer Institute
Southwest UU
Summer Institute
> www.swuuc.org/swuusi

The Mountain
Ferry Beach
Star Island
Summer Conferences, FUUTURE I & II, Family Conferences
Religious Education Week, summer conferences
MountainCamp, Youth CONferences
Summer youth camps, family camps, family & friends weekend
Camp UniStar
Youth Week
Cass Lake, MN
Lowville, NY
Highlands, NC
Saco, ME
Portsmouth, NH
The annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists of all ages from around the country for an exiting week of worship, service, business and workshops.
FUN TIMES/Business Managers
Worship Coordinators
Connections Coordinators
Advisors/Sponsor Coordinators

Youth Caucus
For youth, by youth at General Assembly
Youth Caucus room
Pastoral Conversations
- Synergy Worship Service @ GA
Youth from around the country
Plenary Sessions
Find a con near you!
Join a network of youth leaders from across the country. This is a chance for youth leaders at all levels to get more involved, network with one another, and be recognized for their skill and achievement. Luminary Leaders are tapped for focus groups, special roles and other unique opportunities in the UUA.
Join today at uua.org/luminary!
Summer Leadership Schools
Encourage an awesome youth to be a Luminary Leader!
Covers broad-ranging topics for advisors, leaders and religious professionals working with youth, including ways to recruit and support youth advisors, the nuts and bolts of youth group management, the role of advisors in creating a safe space, leadership training, and programming and project ideas.
Trainings & Webinars
Bridging Into Young Adulthood
Young Adult-hood
Safe Congregations Handbook
Offers a multitude of resources for creating and implementing Safe Congregation policies, as well as thinking through various safety issues for your congregation.
Chrysalis Trainings
Leadership Development
Spirituality Development
Youth Chaplaincy
A leadership and skill-development program for youth and adults who work with youth, authored by the UUA and hosted by regions and districts.
Sample of those hosted by districts and regions:
Youth Ministry 101 & 102
Youth ministry coaching
Fundamentals of healthy youth ministry
Susainable youth ministry
Pastoral Care - transracially adopted youth, LGBTQ youth
Part of the professional certification program for religious educators, this module includes discussions on the characteristics of youth; building community; balanced programming; youth/congregational connections; selection, training and support of advisors; resources; and youth programming structures within congregations, districts and at the UUA. Scheduled Renaissance Modules are posted on the UUA Calendar.
Youth Ministry Working Group Report
Bridge Connections
By filling out this form, the UUA can connect graduating seniors who move away in the fall with UU congregations in their new area and/or a campus ministry at their college or university (if applicable). Make sure that there is a loving spiritual community ready to welcome you wherever you go!
Bridging— transitioning from youth into adulthood— is important not only in the life of an individual, but also in the life of a family and a faith community.
A handbook for how your congregation can address this transition
Crossing the bridge...
where we begin...
Youth Observer
...the big picture of Unitarian Universalist youth ministry.
Published in 2009, the report is the end result of a multi-year visioning process for youth ministry that offers recommendations for congregations, districts, seminaries, UU groups and the UUA for how to create dynamic, multicultural, multigenerational and faith-centered youth ministry.
Mosaic Project
The Project's 2009 report offers recommendations to help congregations, districts, and UUA create an environment that is an effective part of the scaffolding that supports Youth and Young Adults of Color both in their development of a healthy identity and through the transition from childhood to adulthood.
American Camp Association
Faith Formation Learning Exchange
- Adolescent Faith Information
Exemplary Youth Ministry
The 2003 study focused on identifying congregations that consistently establish faith as a vital factor in the lives of their youth and discovering what accounts for their effective approaches to ministry.

> available at www.firsthird.org
"Sustainable Youth Minsitry"
The ACA Professional Development Center offers webinars, certification, training and a wealth of printed resources on best practices in safe and healthy youth communities.

Articles, models, tools and resources for youth ministry related to 21st Century Faith Formation trainings of John Robert. Great information!

Mark DeVries describes the rewarding but multi-year process of building a healthy and sustainable youth ministry supported by your congregation.
Ministry with Youth and Young Adults of Color
Rev. Dr. Monica Cummings
> livingmosaic.blogs.uua.org
Offers a spiritual community, connection and pastoral support for Unitarian Universalist youth and young adults of color (Latino/a and Hispanic, Multiracial/ Multiethnic, Native American, Asian, Arab, African descent, trans-racially adopted and bi-racial).
...not an end, but a beginning...
Immersive three-week training offers interactive social justice education and real-world internships grounded in UU values, history and practices. Youth will learn about systems of race, class, gender and heterosexism and build the skills to do effective social justice work.
As a youth, there are lots of national boards and committees you can join! Here's one example:
The Youth Observer, elected annually by ballots from youth groups across the country, offers a youth voice on the UUA Board of Trustees at all Board meetings..
Benji Janapol
2014-15 Youth Observer
Woodinville, WA
Multicultural Leadership School
Faith development classes
*This is just a sample of all the wonderful things that youth groups and communities do together. We plan to offer even more stories and suggestions for youth groups in the future!
It takes the support of
Unitarian Universalists of all ages
to create and sustain healthy youth ministry. How do adults fit into the big picture?
Be a better youth advisor!
Parents, guardians and families are a key part of youth ministry, and support youth in living out their UU values in their everyday lives.

They are also a play important roles in the most meaningful youth celebrations, rituals and transitions:
Coming of Age - Our Whole Lives - Bridging
Each of these programs includes a component for parents to participate.
uua.org/youngadults is a great place to start
Find a gathering of UU young adults near you!
The Search Institute
Excellent information and resources for educators focused on "discovering what kids need to succeed." Check out their Developmental Assets for research on what makes youth successful in life.

Coffee Hour fellowship
Making music
Interfaith community
Email Listservs
Share stories and best practices, engage with your fellow youth ministry practitioners across the UUA.
= paid youth ministry staff
Building Bridges
Religions serve the human need for meaning and connection. Youth delve into our religiously diverse world and examine how this diversity influences their own Unitarian Universalist faith.
Youth Ministry Professionals Group

For more information, email yayadirector@uua.org
Join the conversation!
...a brief overview.
And if you attend General Assembly in your bridging year, you can cross the bridge at the all-GA Synergy Worship Service.
Accessible, culturally relevant, action-oriented, integrates technology and multimedia
A ceremony for all ages to celebrate bridging youth as they transition into young adulthood
Youth Caucus Volunteer Staff
Youth and adults who plan and run Youth Caucus events
UUA Boards and Committees
A national UU Youth recognition program
Model of
UUA youth
A new group of paid youth directors and program coordinators in congregations across the UUA. There are currently about 75 members in the group. Join the conversation for mutual support!
Let us know you're interested now at
- wide variety of UU curricula
1. Educate
3. Reflect
yourselves about the social justice issues, culture and environment.
WITH rather than FOR the communities you visit.
Service Trips
Midwest Leadership School
= members of the Liberal Religious
Educators Association
= open to all religious educators
= volunteer and professional youth advisors
The big picture of...
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