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Why list with Catalyst Real Estate Experts?

A brief over view of what makes us different from other real estate

wayne salmans

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Why list with Catalyst Real Estate Experts?

When selling your biggest investment Not all real estate agents are created equal. Why list your home with

Catalyst Real Estate Experts? A brief overview of what makes the Catalyst Team different from other real estate agents. do you call a friend.. or hire an expert? Most real estate agents

put a sign in your yard
put it in the multiple listing service
and then PRAY it sells Then wait and wait for the phone to ring. The times have changed
and so have the Catalyst Real Estate Experts 0 30 2-3 While most agents close 2-3 transactions a year The Catalyst Team closes over 30. 0 4-8 Most agents put your home on a couple websites The Catalyst Team list on over a 350 top sites
daily list on sites like Craigslist. 100 + "They understand this changing market...they aren't just doing what they did before. They are going the extra mile" "Instead of surviving through changing times. We decided to thrive."
- Catalyst Real Estate Experts Targeted marketing
Solid track record
Consistent results
Proven 14 step marketing plan Ask about
The guaranteed Sale Program
The Love it or Leave it Guarantee Simply the best. Catalyst Real Estate Experts Real Estate Consultants
Keller Williams Realty
North Dallas, Texas
469-500-HOME (4663)
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