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Harassment in the WorkPlace

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lavi g.

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Harassment in the WorkPlace

Workplace Harassment Overview
Breaking Walls
Students should understand that sexual harassment is based on how the harassed victim feels, not whether the person doing the harassment says they were joking. There are NO excuses for harassment in the workplace or anywhere.
Harassment in the Workplace
Sarah, Tammy, Julian, Roshani, & Lavi
From Brainstorm:
• Discrimination based on: race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.

• Sexual jokes

• Touching in an inappropriate way

• Inappropriate gestures

• Spreading rumors about another person’s sexual behavior

Divide class into 3 groups where each will be provided a scenario
The scenario can be presented in anyway as long as the message comes across clearly, accurately and ends with a question for the class to answer
Each dramatic presentation must include the incident and how the characters responded to it
Once each group finishes their 1-2 minute presentation the class must guess what type of harassment occurred in the presentation
Lastly, the class must brainstorm to provide suggestions to prevent the incident from occurring again

Sexual Harassment
Workplace Violence
1. Can someone please summarize what happened in the violence in the workplace video.

2. Have you ever seen this happen or hear of this happening in a work place before?

3. Do you think that the others in the workplace are able to work efficiently? Why or why not?

4. How efficiently would you work in a hostile work environment or a violent work environment when shown in the videos?

5. If you were at the workplace when the man jumped across the table to fight a co-worker and you were a bystander what would you do?
1. Can someone please summarize what happened in the sexual harassment video.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of the women being harassed in the sexual harassment video. What do you think they are feeling? What would you do?

3. Put yourself in the shoes of an employer, if you noticed sexual harassment at your workplace what would you do?

4. In your opinion, do you think that bullying or sexual harassment is worse in a workplace setting ?
1. Can someone please summarize what happened in the bullying video.

2. In your opinion, which type of bullying is the most severe and why?

3. Put yourself in the employer/ bosses shoes from the bullying video, what would you do (besides firing the employee that is bullying others) to prevent bullying form happening within the workplace?

4. Put yourself in the shoes of a person being bullied at work, how would you feel and how would you get them to stop bullying you?
Preventing Harassment
Related Terms
Workplace harassment is not very common.
According to Statistics Canada (2010), nearly one-fifth of all incidents of violent victimization in Canada, including physical assault, sexual assault and robbery, occurred in the victim’s workplace. 49% of women in the workforce have experienced at least one type of unwanted sexual attention.
Sexual harassment is the only form of workplace harassment.
True or False
True or False
As a type of discrimination, workplace harassment may be based on any of the protections, including gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation, as well as, physical appearance or political affiliation
The prevention or elimination of harassment is EVERYONE’S responsibility.
True or False:
Currently, employers, supervisors and unions are responsible for preventing and addressing harassment under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, but it is also up to the victims and bystanders to take action.
What is Workplace Harassment?
- Discrimination-based behaviour that demeans, embarrasses, intimidates, offends, or verbally abuses a person and is known to be, or is expected to be, unwelcome.

-Occurs within the workplace, during work-related activities or events outside of the workplace

- Based on some protected characteristics such as an employee's age, race, national origin, sex, religion or disability.

What is Sexual Harassment?
- Words or actions that crosses another person’s sexual boundaries and makes the target feel uncomfortable

- Persistent and unwanted sexual advances in the workplace without consent

Types of Sexual Harassment
“Quid Pro Quo” (‘this for that’)

- Employment decisions or expectations (e.g. hiring, promotions, salary increases, shift or work assignments, and performance standards) are based on an employee's willingness to grant or deny sexual favors

- Supervisor demands sexual favors in return for better treatment of an employee, or threatens with firing, demotion, or transfer unless sexual favors are given

What is “hostile work environment” sexual harassment?
- Occurs when there are frequent or pervasive unwanted sexual comments, advances, requests, or other similar conduct. It can also occur when there is other verbal or non-verbal, physical conduct that is sexual in nature.
Importance of Preventing Harassment
- No one wants to work in an environment where he or she feels harassed and uncomfortable.

- Respectful behaviour facilitates more productive employees.

- Disrespectful, harassing behaviour can cost the perpetrator their job.
How do

disrespectful behaviour?
The source of the disrespectful behaviour has the responsibility to stop behaving in such manner.
Target must confront the harassment or report it to their employer.
- Those who observe disrespectful or harassing behaviour have the responsibility to stop it when it occurs; and one who notices it, is
an innocent bystander.

When in doubt about the appropriateness of a particular behaviour consider the following:
- Would I behave in the same way or manner towards a friend or possibly a family member?

- How would I feel if another individual acted in the particular manner towards me?

erson in Authority
Every person in authority has a duty to keep the workplace free from offensive and harassing behaviour. Supervisors and employers are crucial in creating a respectful workplace.
Criminal Harassment
A harassment involves repetitive actions towards the individual that makes the person fear for his or her safety.
A student that I know from my old school joined the dance club where another girl in her club got so jealous of her talent. She started to make fun of her and put threatening notes on her doorsteps. She felt unsafe and told her parents. Where her parents involved the police and got the situation under control.
When someone does things to scare you like threatening you, following and watching you.
My friend Jane broke up with her boyfriend where her boyfriend couldn't handle the break which he started to follow her around telling her that he wanted her back even though she said no. He started to join clubs that she was in and he started to watch her from her house. she got scared and knew it was getting out of hand, so she told her parents who called the police. the police then arrested him for stalking and trespassing the property.
Gender Harassment
When employer or a supervisor harasses another employees based on gender.
A person that I know was at a camp where these guys started to make fun of her because because she was good at some activities. These guys started harassing her by making intimate jokes just because she was a girl. She had enough of it and told the counselor. The counselor then took steps to resolve the situation.
Racial Harassment
When someone bothers you or threaten you or treating you unfairly due to color and race.
When a family was criticized with racial slurs and harassed even intimated by their neighbor because they were African and American where the neighbor started the harassment by calling out the N word and other racial names. Where the family filed a lawsuit on them.
A person feel frighten or scared when they are threaten.
When my friend feel intimated when saw her friend got into bar fight with someone who was threatening her where it got out of hand.
A person who commits illegal crime.
When my cousin school had a semi-formal at Swagget Banquet Hall where a teen was stabbed in the bathroom by a 17 year old. The 17 year old boy was charged with attempted murder and assault with a weapon.
• 79% of the victims of sexual harassment in the work place are women; 21% were men.

• 55% of women who been sexually harassed at work reported incident involving their worker.

• 34% of women and 19.2% of men respondents have reported they been harassed several times.

• 24.2% of women and 7.3% of men between the ages of 21 to 25 were the largest age group. Who experience sexual harassment in the workplace.

• 54 percent experience some form of harassment in the workplace
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