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Cry, the beloved country

No description

Estefania Llanos

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Cry, the beloved country

Cry, the beloved Country
Estefania Llanos
11A chapter 1:
The Story begins with a short description of a road that runs from the village Ixopo into the hill and then leads to Carisbrooke and to the valleys of Africa. Chapter 2:
A child brings a letter to the unfumdisi, Stephen Kumalo. This letter is from Johannesburg, from the Reverend Theophilus Msimangu, who relates to Stephen that Gertrude is very ill and advises him to come to the Mission House in Sophiatown, Johannesburg, to help her. Kumalo sighs, and tells his wife to get him the money intended for Absalom's education at St. Chad's, for now that Absalom has gone to Johannesburg, he will never come back. Chapter 3:
The train takes Stephen Kumalo from the valley into the hills of Carisbrooke, as he worries about the fate of his sister, the cost of the trip, and the possible adversities he might face. Kumalo travels with the fear of a man who lives "in a world not made for him, whose own world is slipping away."

Chapter 4:
the train reaches Johannesburg, Kumalo sees tall buildings and lights that he had never seen before. kumalo is cheated by a man and meet Mr. Mafolo. They arrieve to the mission house. Kumalo feels secure.
Chapter 5:
Msimangu offers Kumalo a room in the house of Mrs. Lithebe. Kumalo eats at the Mission House. Msimangu and Kumalo speak privately
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