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Dorkbot SF Dec. 2011

Talk about the Time-Lapse Setup

Matthew Goodman

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Dorkbot SF Dec. 2011

Hello Dorkbot! My name is Matthew Goodman, I do strange things with electricity Myself and some coconspiritors
made this time-lapse video:

People who made this an awesome
project included folks from Langton
Labs, some HAM nerds, an epic DJ,
and many others! Truth be told . . . There is just no way what we did
to make this video should have
worked so well . . .
(The Real Title of this Talk) 9 Things Not to Do in
Time Lapse Photography Solar Panel Charge Controller Lead Acid batt. DSLR Camera Intervalometer EyeFi BRARA
HAM Station PTP
802.11 Gerlach Web Picasa Cron
Job 1.) This is a fancy word for a timed camera switch. If this lost power even briefly, it would not restart. Just got lucky here . . . 2.) Tons of cameras support the
Canon Hack Development Kit.
Ours didn't. Use on that does . . . 3.) We used a "hiking" solar panel.
It was lashed over rocks using 22
gauge wire. Nuff said. After 2 months
of service it was operating at 80% of spec. LM317 Circuit! Dataz! 4.) Simple voltage supply circuit. . .
but soldered board free, and coated
in liquid tape. Really just got lucky
again on this one. . . 5.) EyeFi "Endless" memory Mode.
Tragic failure! Requires power to
by cycled to delete uploaded photos!
Totally undocumented. Booooooo! Bonus Hiking. . . 6.) How could data go wrong? 7.) Does your wireless get
slow when you have friends
over? How about 50,000 of
them? Another hike to add
WPA security to access point. . . 8.) Encapsulation:
-Vinyl raver backpack
-Medical Tape
-Liquid tape
-Extension Cord Sheating 9.) Aim. . .
Bring a compass you jerk . . . Thank You Dorkbot! Explicit Love Goes to:
Peretz Partensky
Sharps / Saedos Records (http://sharpsbeats.com)

Todd Huffman, "Safety" Phil Lapsley, Todd Huffman, Ted Blackman, Cody Daniel, Galit Sorokin, Ryan "Flophouse" Matthews, Sean "Giggity" Leon, Xander, Lou Action Shot Extra Special Thanks:
BRARA Ham radio group (http://blog.cq-blackrock.org/)
Ranger Keeper (bandwidth down from the mountain)
Langton Labs
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