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The Standard Hotel Prezi

No description

Sydney Golombek

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The Standard Hotel Prezi

Social Media
The Standard Now
Too Young?
Just Standard?
Trade Off
The Standard created a break-off page, The Standard Culture, to reflect the hotel’s personality and mirror the personality of its specific clientele

Clip of the Day
Graphic of the Day
"This Just In"
"Checking In"
To Do
Party Patrol
"Standard Sounds"
"What We're Listening To"
Stan D'Arde
Cartoon Empire
Standard Press
Event page provides a packed monthly calendar with events posted for each Standard Hotel - listed by location
Have the option to filter events to a specific Standard location - convenient
“Party Pics”: fans can send in their party pics to have them featured on the website
“City Tips”: local map from each Standard Hotel powered by their Foursquare Page
Timeline-style scrolling collection of articles covering Standard events/exhibits at various Standard locations
Fans can stay up to date on events they may have missed
Standard fans e-mail their personal photos from their stay at The Standard to Live@StandardHotel.com with a caption in the subject line to have it added to the community album on the Standard Culture website (35 pages of fan images uploaded)
“What We’re Listening To...” - generated playlists of what is “hot” - not Billboard Top hits, but a combination of songs from the underground music scene, dropping occasional big names
This week: Daft Punk’s new single, Soulwax gets drunk, Florence + The Machine’s new Great Gatsby Single
Spotify Playlist running in the right side - new tracks
“Standard Sounds” - also articles on artists that perform at Standard locations / artist interviews / album reviews / and more

DTLA Rudy’s Barbershop - salon / hair dresser included (with bar service)
Warby Parker x Standard Sunglasses - pop up shop
Roof top swimsuit vending machine - Quicksilver partnership
Book Mobile carts - stationed in lobby and on rooftop
Art - Collaborations - quirky pieces / jewelry (now, Kenny Scharf)
Sounds - Standard playlist CDs each with their own distinct sound
Stuff - Expensive items - cater to wealthy young clients - Random shit
Collaborations with Warby Parker, Wesc, Quicksilver, and more
Upside-down "The Standard" reflects the culture of the hotel: marketing opposite exchange value between the brand name and the brand logo

Juxtaposition: The Standard offers what is not traditionally standard in hotels

Is The Standard setting the new standard?
Brand Logo
“Engaged” also recognizes that these communities are pursuing their own interests, connected to and informed by those decisions made by others within their social networks" (Jenkins, 1183).
”Spaces and bodies are co constitutive as they produce one another, and this production must be theorized with cultural and physiological space" (Farman, 18).
The first Standard Hotel, The Standard Hollywood, opened on Sunset Blvd in 1999 in West Hollywood by Andre Balazas Properties.

Original investors in the hotel included celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Benicio del Toro. The brand launched with an already “cool” scene.

DTLA location opened its door in 2002, and includes a roof-top bar and open lobby space.

Since its opening, the hotel has emerged in a hip underground scene and has quickly established itself as a hot-spot for young clientele.

Locations: Los Angeles (Hollywood, Downtown), New York (High Line, East Village), Miami (Spa Miami Beach)
Use Facebook to promote surrounding location and events
"Be so good they can't ignore you"
-Steve Martin
"A dose of culture"
-Morgan, 15'
Authentic pictures of The Standard culture; attracts viewers
Collection of art assembled to appeal to fans
Tweeting every hour; rich tweets at other fans, less promotion => authentic engagement
New application on smartphones, engaging new media; seven second video sharing; real videos= authentic
Variety of options in order to stay updated and engaged with The Standard; no excuse to miss out
"Join the culture club"
Updates, mission, goals shared; more authentic relationship
The Standard's transmedia social media accounts function in mobile interfaces via smart phone apps (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr) - further engaging with fans through time and physical space
The blog is constantly updated to reflect emerging trends
The premise behind the Standard Culture blog site emphasizes the ever changing nature of hip culture
Appeals to a specific niche within the consumer market
Brands what is "cool"
Culturally relevant / always changing
Authentic interactions with fans
"Appeals to mostly couples; least to families - specific age demographic"
"Overall, I suppose The Standard is acceptable for a brief overnight stay. I just can't imagine myself tolerating it for much longer. Perhaps I would think differently if I was 10 years younger"
"Anyway, be sure you hurry up and stay here before it's cool."
"The Standard is pretty standard. "
"The Standard is the hotel built with IKEA rejects. I get it, the theme is kitschy. But, if I'm paying $300 a night for a hotel room, I don't want to feel like I'm showering in a junior high locker room."
"For the money, I'd stay elsewhere next time. $1200 down the drain :("
Setting the Standard
Bathroom view
The Secrets
Authentic use of transmedia
With a touch of The Standard culture
Serves its fans
"They're trying to put together a signature look, an aesthetic that reflects who they are.When people knock it off, everybody knows because they've put that look out on the [market], and it's a coherent aesthetic" (Johanna Blakeley).
The Standard culture creates its own mark in hotel standards
Goes beyond to keep its fans updated and interested
“In order to reach people now, you have to find a way to cross paths with them on their own terms, where they choose to spend time. And those places are defined by people's passions. People don't revolve around your brand, they revolve around life" (Jenkins, 3591).
"...distinction between mass culture – which is produced and distributed – and popular culture – media texts which have been meaningfully integrated into people's lives” (Jenkins, 3577).
The Standard culture relates to the popular culture
Provides information for everyone and anyone who views their website
The Standard culture provides content that appeals to its fans
May help generate more conversation among friends since content is relatable/understandable; create community
"People appraise the content they encounter according to their personal standards and the content they share based on its perceived value in their social circle" (Jenkins, 3555)
"Content spreads, then, when it acts as a fodder for conversations that audiences are already having" (Jenkins, 3577)
So what constitutes Standard Culture?
Numerous categories: suit spectrum of different interests; different from normal hotels
Unique method to build community
Integrating brand through consumer's life (at his/her convenience)
Serving fans by encouraging fan involvement; build community
Relies on audience to determine popular culture (use of top hits)
Utterly unique
Social Media is crucial; affects audience use of word of mouth
The Standard Hotel uses authentic and personable interactions to maintain engagement
"Meanwhile, in the recent parlance of marketing, 'authenticity' represents the overall assessment of the credibility of a brand..." (Jenkins, 1473).
Each location has its own page
Source: Yelp reviews
Source: Yelp Reviews
The Standard is NOT standard and never will be.
If The Standard lowered prices and created a more age-friendly environment, the hotel would appeal to a larger group of consumers.
However, in doing so, the hotel would lose it's exclusive, sexy appeal. Instead, the hotel sets a new standard - distinctly its own.
Some find The Standard TOO exclusive
Some find The Standard as not enough
The Standard is consistently influenced by popular culture and new events.
".... success =consistency X relevance X scale X time" (Wendy Clarke)
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