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Copy of bermuda triangle

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Yash and Riya Walavalkar

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle
Location 3
Bermuda Triangle
For decades, the Atlantic Ocean’s fabled Bermuda Triangle has captured the human imagination with unexplained disappearances of ships, planes, and people. The Bermuda Triangle is also referred to as the Devil's Triangle.It is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda.
Ships and aircraft reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle:

Over the last 25 years alone more than 75 airplanes and a thousand yachts and commercial ships with their passengers

and crews disappeared without trace in the Deadly Triangle.* According to Gian Quasarin in his book Into The Bermuda

The most famous US Navy losses which have occurred in the area popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle are:

*U.S.S Cyclops

*Flight 19

*The civilian tanker SS Marine Sulphur Queen

U.S.S Cyclops

The ship disappeared in March 1918, taking with it all 306 crew and passengers. It is believed the ship probably sank in an

unexpected storm.
The legend of the Bermuda Triangle probably started some time around 1945, when a squadron of five Navy Avenger airplanes disappeared on a training flight out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Soon, the masses were wondering: Was something amiss in the triangle-shaped stretch of ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico? Today, we've all heard of the Bermuda Triangle. And over the years, a whole host of theories, from the wacky to the reasonable, have cropped up to explain its disappearances.

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