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Time Reporting

No description

Mette Boes

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Time Reporting

Time Reporting Made Easy!
Sponsored by CDHS Audit Division
Why Do I Have to do this?
Just a Few Rules
If you get Federal Funding, there are some requirements

But we'll help you understand how to cut through some of the red tape
OMB Circulars

Yep, they're a snoozer but helpful

A-87, Attachment B, 8 (h):

Working solely on one federal award
6 month certification
signed by employee or supervisor
Working on more than one award?
Time sheet or Personnel activity reports that:

Reflect after the fact distribution of actual activity
Account for total activity
Prepared at least monthly and coincide with one or more pay periods
Signed by the employee
Substitute System which uses sampling methods (like RMS)
Periodically respond to RMS sample by reporting activity

I'm swimming in a Cost Pool!
I multi-task all day long and work on multiple programs and activities
How Do I Apply This?

Fear Not the Timesheet
In a Pool?
You will respond to RMS e-mails regarding your particular activity

You work on one program all day long
What if I'm a Not For Profit?
Are the Rules the Same?
There are many similarities to OMB A-87, but the main requirement is a Personnel Activity Report
A personnel activity report and a time sheet can be combined
Easy as Pie
Circular A-122 Applies to Not for Profits

OMB A-87:

OMB A-122:
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