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The Goblet Cell

Ever wonder why you get so clogged up with mucus and phlegm? Here's the answer!

Robert Reed

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Goblet Cell

Goblet Cell WHAT CELL DID YOU RESEARCH? I researched the Goblet Cell, which is
a cell that takes Mucin, secretes it, and
then that becomes Mucus. This cell uses
two different methods of secreting the
Mucin. Apocrine The cell expands its
membrane, breaks some
off for more space, and
starts again. Merocrine The gland releases its
product and no part of
the gland is damaged. After inception of the
Mucinogen Granules,
they attach and form
the mucus that flows
out of the cells that we
know as the stuff that
fills our nose or throat. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? This cell is really important
because it protects the main
organs of the body, like the
colon, respitory system, or
FOUND IN YOUR CELL? 1 2 3 Attenuated Microvillus This is a thin covering over the Theca that can stretch the surface area of the cell. Theca This is the outer covering,
or Membrane covering the
cell. Mucus Granules These are the little
'bits' of Mucus that join
together inside the cell. But how SMALL are the cells? Smaller than the period at
the end of this sentence. Compaerd to this, cells are TINY! Are There Any Interesting Facts? Yes. I have 5. NO. 1 The Goblet Cell creates Tear
Mucus, or the compound you
find in your eyes after you
wake up in the morning. NO. 2 The term "GOBLET" comes from the
cell's shape; wide at the top, and thin
at the bottom. NO. 3 The Goblet Cell's membrane
is called the 'Theca'. NO. 4 Goblet Cells can be irritated
or stimulated by smoke, dust,
or pollen. Even Viruses or
bacteria have the same effect. NO.5 Goblet cells can cause your immune system to
become blocked, leading
to your body becoming
unable to respond to antigen in food. That's the end of
the presentation. CUT OUT
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