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No description

mission chavez

on 15 May 2015

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point of view
SETTING:bible bus, Salina Hope Hospital, Mibs house
I think the main setting is the bible bus because that's where
they are most of the time and that's how they get to Salina, it also
is where Will and Bobbi found out Fish's savvy!There so many
outstanding things that happened in the bus.The bus is
My favorite part is when they go back for Samson in caroline's trailer
,because she locked samson up, and mibs drew a smiley face on
caroline and mibs heard samsons voice and she looked under the table , again and broke the floor boards and found samson in a mini basement and he was covered with trains, robots, and smiley faces all over them.

POINT OF VIEW I think the view is mibs because she is unlocking
and learning how to use savvy, and trying to get to Salina to save her papa.And it tells how she is feeling in the story.
It is never giving up, because mibs's dad is in the hosptal and she tries
to speak to him through his tattoo and she starts yelling in his ear
and he wakes up and she says,''you do have a savvy papa, its never giving up''.
A girl named mibs is learning how to use her savvy and she about to
turn 13, then her dad gets in a car accident and her whole family except her dad and she tries to save him and her 2 brothers and 2 of
her friends help her get to Salina
by:Mission Chavez
CHARACTERS:Mibs, Fish, andSamson
Mibs:she is kind because she thinks not only about her self and tries to help others in need.
Fish:is caring because he looks out for his sister and tries to help out
Sampson:he is a silent type because he doesn't talk much and he is shy
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