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Utopian Society


Ace Arden P.

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Utopian Society

There will be a small team of people who govern the community.
These people will make decisions based on what they believe are the correct decisions.
Rights and Ownerships
There is no such thing as "private property." Nobody owns anything in the community.

All land that is not for the use of residential housing is communally owned by all members in the community

Residential housing units are not communally owned, but they are owned by the government.

The government also owns any luxury recreational activity facilities.
Distribution of limited food/goods provided by the Canadian Government
Food is provided by the government.

Each person is entitled to 3 meals every day.

Meals can be redeemed at a communal park or recreational centre.
Recreational Activity
Anything non-essential for life is considered a "luxury"
Work and Spending Money
Food Voucher Rules
Each person in the community is only entitled to three meal vouchers per day
A resident can skip a meal, but each unused food voucher cannot be used the following day
Vouchers cannot be given to someone else because they are linked to your own card.
Rules and Regulations
No physical money; all money will be on cards.
A worker's pay is based on the prerequisites for the job and importance of their job.
There is no minimum wage.
Work hours may be any time between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM
Government takes a significant portion of citizens' earnings as taxes (55%)
The working class would consist of anyone who has graduated from grade 8.
Exceptions include anyone still in school after grade 8, anyone diagnosed with life threatening diseases, pregnant women, any medical condition that would hinder them from completing their job properly
First Statement- Any harm caused to the society, including all persons (regardless of any factors), property and environment, whether the damage is physical, emotional, or spiritual is illegal. The actions, constant behavior, mentality and/or respects to an idea or subject that causes dispute, is not permitted.
Most ideas come from the idea of communism
There are some ideas of democracy
People are able to have a limited say in the choices of the government if they have great concerns about a certain ruling or decision.
Leaving the Community is not Accepted

One may not attempt to bypass, bribe or trick security guards at entrance terminals. Going against the gate guards is prohibited including any damages susceptible to the First Statement.
Work is vital to keep the society running in harmony.
One must do his/her own part and do what is expected of him/her according to the corresponding job's/career's rules and regulations. Behaviour during free time or down shifts at work must abide by both the First Statement and the corresponding job's/career's rules and regulations.
Absence from work must include the following reasons
-illness or medical appointment within the society

-relative’s illness

-Maximum of 3 times absence in one month.
Possession of Any Weapon in Any Shape or Form is

Citizens' homes are assigned based on equal distribution of gender, age, and proximity to work.
This allows for efficient distribution of basic services (food, water clothes, utilities).
Communication is only possible only between said members in a community in the. During Nighttime hours, communication is restricted to emergency
Types of Government
Enforcement of Rules
First statement- any disputes regarding the above rules and regulations are prohibited. If a dispute is made regarding a person(s)’s behaviour or actions must be dealt with by contacting the appropriate dept. for situation (police, fire, medical, mental disputes dept., enforcement).

-Final say is based on the disputer's judgment dept. and dispute facilities where ways to solve disputes are offered.

-One may not request to solve a dispute they are having by contradicting, going against and/or loop-holing ANY rules or regulations. Whether it be the
first statement
, specific jobs/careers rules and regulations of a any person or sector regulations of public property/environment.
Must apply for "luxury activities"
Internet is provided by government, but government has control over the types of accessible material.
"Luxury activities" cost money to participate
Movies, television, music or any other form of entertainment are luxuries and must be paid for by the citizen.
Required for first 10 years (Junior Kindergarten to Gr. 8)
It is free to attend school until Grade 8.
School starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM
A resident has to pay for schooling after grade 8.
After grade 8: students will begin purchasing their own books and school supplies and pay for schooling.

The government chooses courses until Gr. 8. The citizens choose their courses after Gr. 8.
Medical and Health Care
People have access to free health care paid by their monthly payments (55% of each person's earnings)

Only a doctor can officially diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications. There is no over-the-counter medication.

Bi-annual checkups are mandatory and will appear on your identification card.

Arden P.
Gaby A.
Antonio F.
Henry R.
Utopian Society

Attendance in School
this text will never be seen...
Absence from school must include at least one of the following valid reasons
-illness or medical appointment within the society

-illness of a legal guardian
Conditions for Absences
-All absences must be reported to the school with a one of the valid reasons

-Maximum 5 absences from school per month otherwise there is a punishment a 3 day suspension
Late Students
If there are more than 10 lates by one student, there is a three day suspension for that student
Social Studies
Physical Education
These subjects are mandatory until grade 8 (chosen by government)
Branches of Math
Branches of Science
Cultural Studies
Linguistic courses

These subjects are chosen by students who continue school after grade 8.
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