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Matt Hamill

No description

Ashley Albro

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Matt Hamill

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Wrestling Began wrestling after his step father, who was the HS coach taught me by using pictures.

Wrestled at Rochester Institute of Technology where he achieved 3 Division III National Championships.

He also won 2 gold medals in the Deaflymics in 1997 Working as a bouncer when someone told him to try out for UFC

Started UFC by entering the reality show the Ultimate Fighter but dropped out because of an injury

In 2010, The Hammer a movie based on his story of struggling to become a popular deaf fighter came out

In 2011 after 6 years in UFC Hamill retired but 13 months later came out of retirement to fight at UFC 152. The Hammer Matt Hamill Nicknamed the Hammer

Known for being Deaf UFC fighter Born in Loveland Ohio on October 5, 1976

Born deaf

Later in life he married Kristi who was also deaf and had one hearing daughter. They divorced a couple years ago. Background His impact in Deaf Community First deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Championship

Inspiration to hearing and deaf community
to become a UFC despite being deaf

He speaks to deaf children, and inspires them to never give up on their dreams. He inspires deaf kids to become involved in sports.

The Hammer How The Hammer affected my view of Deaf Culture Matt Hamill's story taught me more about the
hardships deaf people have to go through to
pursue their dreams He now lives in NY
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