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"The Ring" - Isak Dinesen

No description


on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of "The Ring" - Isak Dinesen

Thematic Link
The poem "Reality" is linked with the short story "The Ring" by the topic reality and its realization. The little girl in "Reality" lives innocence in a dangerous word. Lovisa has the same situation, but the difference between the two girls is, that Lovisa escapes this state and becomes stronger. It is never told what happens to the little girl in "Reality".
"The Ring" - Isak Dinesen
: Lovisa, short Lise, is the main character in "The Ring". She is freshly married and comes from a higher family. She has a huge significance because she represents the theme in the story. Lise's change throughout the story is huge, so she is a dynamic character. She starts out as an innocent girl with no life experience and develops into a stronger and more aware woman. Without her the story could not have been possible.

: He is the husband of the main character Lovisa, but in contrast to her he comes from an average family. An important part of Sigismund's life are his sheeps, sometimes it seems they are more important than his wife.He is a static character, so his whole position does not change.

The Thief
: This man, who stole and killed sheeps as well as a man, plays a big role in Lovisa's character change. He is described with bruises, dressed in rags and barefooted.
In the short story "The Ring" Dinesen develops the theme of innocence to the awareness of life and realization of the harsh reality. The author shows this theme through many literary devices, the most important are characterization and figurative, as well as descriptive, language. The theme is build up throughout the story and finds its climax when the thief kicks Lovisa's wedding ring away. The theme is mostly expressed in Lovisa's actions, thoughts and the development of these.
Literary devices
Dinesen uses
to express the theme of his story. He especially uses the dynamic and main character Lovisa. She is the focal point of his story and her characterization is the most important literary device. Dinesen uses the importance of her to manipulate her actions and so reveals his purpose of the short story. Her character develops from an innocent girl to a more aware and strong women. She represents the theme of innocence to the awareness of life and realization of the harsh reality.

Dinesen also uses
descriptive and figurative language
to emphasize his theme. Examples for that are the ring and its loss which symbolizes Lovisa's kicked away unawareness. Dinesen creates through descriptive language special moods, like the description of the thief which gives a dangerous feeling.
The poem "Reality" by IC is about a little girl and her inability to see how the world really is. The world has done very bad things to her and nobody realizes her pain. The narrator or voice of the poem claims to be the only one who knows her, but also hops that the situation stays like it is. The meaning of this story is that this third person or voice is parted about his feelings. On one side he wants that the little girl sees the harsh reality but on the other side he loves her so much and wants to protect her from everything in a little bubble.
The short story "The Ring" from Isak Dinesen is about a fresh married Danish couple. They go out on a lovely July day to look for the husband's sheep. It turns out that some of these are injured and dead because of a thief. Sigismund, the husband, sends Lovisa, his wife, to go back home slowly. She goes into a grove to her secret glade where she discovers the thief. She realizes, that her life of perfection was not real and that there is danger out in the world. She offers him her wedding ring in belief it would save her life. He kicks it away, and with the wedding ring also her innocence is gone. The thief runs away and Lovisa comes back to her husband, but she is changed. Her life, and how she saw it, does not exist anymore.
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